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Do you ever wake up and have that heavy, depressed feeling? That your day is not going to be good just because you don’t feel good about yourself? Or do you just wake up generally feeling grumpy and pessimistic?

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Your thoughts significantly contribute to your emotions, this is why you must control your thoughts. In addition, there are several things you can do as part of your daily routine to wake up happier in the morning.

Let’s get down to the top five proven and tested ways to give you a better morning every single day:

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  • Make sure that your bedroom is clean and conducive for sleep. Every night before you go to bed, clean your room, change your dirty beddings, and have proper room ventilation. Put a fresh bouquet of flowers in your bedside too. Seeing flowers first thing in the morning is scientifically proven to make you happier and gives that everything’s-going-to-be-okay feeling, according to a study conducted by the Harvard Medical School.

A clean, well ventilated, and well lit room with a bouquet of colorful flowers on the bedside will surely lift up your mood early in the morning.

  • Go to bed an hour before your usual sleeping time and wake up half an hour earlier in the morning. And whatever you do, never hit that snooze button! Plus, it helps if you have an upbeat alarm tune to wake you up in the morning.
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When you go to bed earlier, you’re signaling your body to slow down for rest. If you notice, when you sleep early, you wake up in the morning feeling more refreshed and energized. As much as you can, wake up earlier without having to hit the snooze button on your alarm clock repeatedly. This way, you won’t be groggy when you wake up, but instead feel like you’re ready to conquer the day.

Don’t go for blaring alarm tunes either, because believe it or not, it can seriously give you a bad morning. Rather, go for an ascending tone that slowly wakes you up.

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  • Eat a healthy breakfast. All too often, it’s common to miss breakfast with the day’s hectic schedule, but experts advice that a healthy breakfast does wonders for you, physically, mentally and emotionally. In general, you’re happier, more awake, and energetic the entire day. A healthy breakfast is a combination of nutritious foods rich in good carbohydrates and fiber.

For an even healthier breakfast, superfoods can be integrated to your morning meal. A healthy breakfast doesn’t have to be an elaborate meal either, protein pancakes, superfood smoothies, and fruits are great starters!

  • Take health supplements to improve sleeping habits and overall well being. Waking up happy can be quite challenging if you suffer from insomnia, anxiety, or stress. To counter these conditions, taking health supplements can significantly help. 
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For example, Phenibut is a type of supplement that has been used to improve sleep and relieve tension. In fact, this supplement also helps in reducing stress. It gives a general sense of well being, which significantly helps when you wake up feeling lethargic and tired in the morning.

Note: As with any health supplement, the advice of your doctor should always be consulted to ensure that you are suited for the supplement and are not allergic to any of its components.

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  • Think happy thoughts, learn to be grateful and enjoy yourself. When you think about what makes you happy, it in turn makes you feel better and happier too. Visualize the things that make you happy and give a sense of fulfillment. Every day, there are so many things to be grateful for – the beautiful morning, family, friends, etc. When you’re overcome by sad thoughts or negative ones, just think about what you’re most grateful for!

 Break the monotonous cycle of home-to-work and vice versa. Every once in a while, go out, treat yourself and enjoy life to the fullest! You’ll be surprised how these little treats will give you a reason to wake up happier in the mornings!

If you want to wake up happy every morning, it’s time you take control. Remember, the little things you do to improve your morning routine can influence how your whole day turns out!