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A snack is a tiny quantity of food taken in between meals. Snacking gives you an extra energy boost during the middle of the day to be more productive. The right kind of snack offers a lot of benefits from sustained energy, increased cognitive function, to improved focus.

We all love to snack, but what we snack can make a big difference in how it impacts our health and well-being. A healthy snack can go beyond simple nourishment. It also provides added nutrients your body needs.

While most people, according to survey, go for chips, cheese, chocolates, and energy bars to snack on, there are way healthier alternatives. Get rid of these usual stuffs and focus on snacking healthy with superfoods. An extra boost of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients can protect you!

YES! There are a plethora of superfoods perfect for snacking. And before you complain that it might be hard to prepare, it won’t! You might think it’s expensive, but it’s not either!

superfoods for healthy snacks

So what superfoods are ideal for snacking?

  • Avocado

    One of the top superfoods great for healthy snacking, avocado is clearly superior. Avocado is packing a powerful punch of nutrients and vitamins perfect to keep you full before the next meal. You have lutein, folate, monounsaturated fats, glutathione, and an assortment of vitamins that help boost your health. Another reason why avocado comes highly recommended as a snack is because of its versatility. You can prepare elaborate snack recipes with it, or you can simply slice it into bite sizes, squeeze some lemon on it, sprinkle some salt, and viola, snack away!

  • Chia seeds

    There are so many nuts and seeds considered as superfoods, and chia seeds top the list. Why? Well, chia seeds contain an assortment of phytochemicals, plant-based omega-3 fatty acids, plant-based protein, and fiber. This means every crunch of these little seeds provides you with the energy to keep moving during the day. Like avocado, chia seeds are the model of versatility, making it perfect for snacking.

chia seeds superfood healthy snack

Basically, chia seeds can be mixed in everything, even in your smoothies, perfect for people who are always on the go. And since it expands up to several times in the stomach, it makes you feel full.

  • Blueberries

    If you’re craving for sweet snacks, you don’t need to turn to cakes or ice cream, blueberries are perfect! Sweet, tasty, and packing with all the nutritious stuff, blueberries are equally satisfying. It has the richest antioxidant content among berries, protecting you from various diseases and reducing bad cholesterol. You can eat it raw, make a smoothie, or whip up amazing dessert recipes of it.

  • Greek yogurt

    Greek yogurt is a staple of Greek diet even during the ancient times. This is because it is one awesome superfood, packing a punch of protein and probiotics. A dose of good bacteria in the gut brings about so many benefits, while protein is a must for optimal health. Greek yogurt is even better than regular yogurt because it provides these nutrients manifold. You can eat Greek yogurt as it is for snacks or put in some fresh fruits, nuts, and seeds for some color.

  • Sweet potato

    If you’re craving greasy fries for snacks, go for sweet potatoes instead. This root vegetable has all the makings of a great superfood, because it’s low in glycemic index, an ideal diet for diabetics. It has a very high vitamin A content compared to its counterpart aside from other nutritional value it’s packing.

sweet potatoes for superfood snacks

Go with purple sweet potatoes for its mega antioxidant content or the orange variety for its high carotene content. Grill, mash, or even boil sweet potatoes for a healthier alternative to fries!

  • Egg

    Healthy snacking does not get any better than this! A hard-boiled egg can do wonders to keep hunger at bay whether you’re at home or in the office. Simply boil an egg and munch on this superfood! Protein dense with low calories plus lutein for great eyesight, what could possibly top this supersnack?

If you’re still snacking on unhealthy options, you might want to start off with the list above and get the best of what your body needs while enjoying it! Taste-wise, you can even mix and match the superfoods above to heighten flavors and make it more enjoyable to eat. For example, your blueberries and chia seeds go great with your Greek yogurt.

Consideration: The way you prepare and serve these super snacks can affect its healthiness. Enjoy a sweet potato with a dash of sea salt to taste instead of making an elaborate dip for it. Eat your egg hard boiled rather than in a salad complete with heavy sauce.

Ward off your hunger without sacrificing health and wellness with these super snacks today!

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