A little bit about us

In today’s society, everyone seems to know the answer to happiness. It’s a jungle of guides, tips, trix and fixes that is seemingly impossible to navigate through. There are everything from health blogs to gurus that promises gold at the end of the rainbow. “If you just follow these 10 easy and simple steps, you’ll feel whole again”, is something we read somewhere almost every day.

Here at Slowfoodnation, we believe that in order to live a full and healthy life one must strive towards perfection each and every day. It’s certainly not an easy task and there are no shortcuts but this is our goal. We think that perfection means something different to each and everyone of us which is why we created this blog. We wish to educate and teach you about how you can grow and love yourself and thus, love life.

Between them, our team have got decades of experience in nutrition and medicine. Whether it be information about a certain superfood or a new exercise method, we try our best to see to it that you get the best experience. We try new methods for everything from spiritual healing to new natural supplements and write reviews about our experiences.

Below you can see a list of all our authors and advisors.

Sarah Burgess
Sarah BurgessWriter
Ph.D in nutrition from Cornell University. Have done extensive research on aging, cancer, and nutrition.
Tom Wells
Tom WellsFounder/Author/Editor
Co-Founder of Slowfoodnation. Nutrition expert. Ph.D in Food Science and Nutrition.
Tom is
Sandra Stills
Sandra StillsAuthor
Nutrition specialist with a PhD from Phoenix University. Been writing about superfoods and supplements for several years.
Robert Jones
Robert JonesAuthor
Specialist in superfoods and supplements. Took his master at UCLA and been writing for health blogs since 2016.
Antoni Duggan
Antoni DugganAuthor
Initially an organic chemist but got into nutrients and their effects on the human body. He is the newest addition to Slowfoodnation.

If you wish to know even more about us, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly!