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Maintaining a beautiful skin that’s wrinkle-free, glowing, and supple need not come in expensive cosmetic procedures or beauty regimens. More often than not, feeding your skin with the right kinds of superfoods will translate to a healthy and young looking skin.

Pampering your skin with healthy oils and fats, protein, carotenoids and vitamins and minerals will translate to a more beautiful and healthy-looking skin. So, if you’re ready to achieve a youthful skin that starts from within, here are the superfoods you should be including in your healthy diet:

  • Avocadogreat for dry skin, avocado contains an assortment of healthy fatty acids, vitamins D and E, and carotenoids that repair damaged skin cells. The healthy fatty acids moisturize the skin, giving it a fresh and supple look. The carotenoids in avocado also promote skin elasticity for a younger looking skin.

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  • Cinnamon – as a superfood that helps maintain a youthful glow to your skin, cinnamon can be mixed with your daily drink or tea and it can also be used topically as a skin regimen. Cinnamon is most helpful if you have an oily skin prone to acne. It contains antibacterial properties that dry the skin and promotes proper circulation of blood and oxygen to the surface of your skin. This in turn helps restore the natural suppleness of your skin, eliminating wrinkles and blemishes in the process.

  • Chia seeds – this superfood has a very rich omega-3 fatty acid content. The necessary compound to boost collagen production, the foundation for a healthy, blemish-free and well-nourished skin. This very same omega-3 fatty acid also promotes circulation and eliminates skin dryness. Aside from this, chia seeds can be used topically because it contains anti-inflammatory properties that help eliminate inflamed pimples. Chia can also be added as your facial regimen to moisturize dry skin.

  • Oats – generally regarded as a great source of fiber and complex carbohydrates, oats was used to heal skin conditions during ancient times. Applying oats topically to an acne helps absorb the excess oil on which the acne thrives on. Oats is an effective skin moisturizer, fighting dryness and flaking especially on your facial area as it contains polysaccharides that form a protective film above your skin, keeping moisture locked in.

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  • Spinach – because of its abundant anti-oxidant properties, spinach has anti-aging benefits. Add to this nutrients such as folate and vitamins A, C, E, and K and you have a superfood that repairs damaged skin and improves complexion effectively. Spinach is also a great face mask to help deal with acne breakouts and remove dark under eye circles.

  • Turmeric – One of the causes of wrinkles is inflammation, which can result to premature skin aging. With the help of turmeric’s anti-inflammatory compounds, these effects can be reversed. With the use of turmeric, skin problems like eczema can also be prevented. While it is a great spice that can be added to almost any food or beverage, turmeric when applied topically promotes skin elasticity because it encourages collagen synthesis, revitalizing the skin for a healthy, youthful glow.

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Tips for a healthy, glowing skin

What you eat and how you live your life impact how you look on the outside, this is proven fact backed by numerous studies and researches. If you want to maintain a healthy, youthful glowing skin, a diet rich in amino acids, fiber, complex carbohydrates, antioxidants, and lean protein should be followed.

Moreover, a total change for a healthier lifestyle can help in keeping your skin healthy. Here are a few tips to live by if you want that glowing skin for a long, long time:

  • Chug down a lot of water;

  • Avoid smoking and heavy drinking;

  • Have enough rest and sleep;

  • Exercise a lot;

  • Do not stay in the sun for too long;

  • Use natural skin care products;

  • Moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize;

  • Do not overstress and overworry.

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There is no fountain of youth, but with a healthy diet packed with superfoods and healthy living, you can be sure to have that glowing healthy skin!