The brain boosting category includes a number of the best natural and synthetic nootropics that provide brain improvement benefits and advantages.
Brain boosting involves the enhancement of various brain functions responsible for memory, retention concentration, focus, productivity and thought process. Studies have shown that brain boosting also encompasses mood and behavior, stress and anxiety, insomnia, and even depression.
Just as there are supplements that help boost physical stamina and alertness, there are brain-boosting supplements too.
One popular method of achieving a brain boost is by use of nootropics supplements. Nootropics are a class of substances and chemicals that have cognitive benefits. These substances can either be naturally occurring or manmade. The term nootropics was from Dr. Corneliu Giurgega. During his development of piracetam, he set forth five criteria for a substance to qualify as a nootropic.
In summary, the substance must enhance some brain function even under disruptive situations, protect the brain, and must be non-toxic and have very little or no side effects at all.
Under the Brain Boosting category in Slowfoodnation, both manmade and natural nootropics are listed. Nootropics that serve a specific purpose are categorized together so it is easier to read. A general guide on nootropics is also listed. To help readers with their options, a list of the most popular nootropics that we, at Slowfoodnation, tried, complete with our review and where to buy it are indicated.
At Slowfoodnation, we consider that our readers might be looking for a specific set of nootropics for a specific purpose. In line with this, we have articles that outline a combined number of manmade and natural nootropics that address a specific purpose, i.e. nootropics that aid in sleep, nootropics that improve creativity and imagination, nootropics to overcome stage fright, etc. Some feature on nootropic stacks and how to use them for precise purposes.

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