Cerebral Success Is A BIG Scam

cerebral success reviewThis review in five words – Cerebral Success is a scam. It is not the first nootropic I’ve tried, and it’s among the least effective brain boosters I have come across. Keep reading for full review or click here to check out something that really works.

I found Cerebral Success while searching the Internet for the best brain booster, and it sounded really good. “Increase Focus”, “Improve Memory and Recall”, “Reduce Mental Fatigue”, “Support Healthy Brain Function” and “Reduce Anxiety”. With these claims backed up by a fancy home page with beautiful statistical data on “proof” that it works, they sell this nootropic. Three weeks in and the only change I’ve felt was a slight improvement in my speech flow. My words are coming to me in a negligibly quicker manner, but this is hardly what the company claims to be the effects of Cerebral Success.

I have previously tested several different nootropics, superfoods and brain boosters and when taking some of them I’ve had to really challenge my mind in order to feel the effects. To me, this is all alright and the claim of improved memory and increased focus becomes legitimate when this is the case since it’s often when you challenge your mind you need the brain boost. For Cerebral Success, however, this doesn’t apply. My studies (Molecular Biology) continuously keep my mind on edge and I really challenge my mind every day, so I’m the perfect test subject. So I can easily say I have given this product a fair chance.

Creator On TV-Show Shark Tank

cerebral success shark tank updateThe creator of Cerebral Success was in an episode of Shark Tank. He couldn’t present any clinical trials supporting the effects of Cerebral Success, and his argument for selling it and I quote “Do you think a student who is looking for these effects would buy this whether my credentials are there or not?” To me, this simply screams scam and despite his claims of being in this to “help students”, this statement really shows he is really just in this for the money. I actually found the clip from the episode of Shark Tank (S05E26) after I started taking Cerebral Success so I really went in with an open mind. Surprisingly, the guy got an offer from the sharks but despite the cash boost, more than a year later, he still can’t present any clinical trials to support his product.

I wouldn’t recommend Cerebral Success to anyone. However, if you are still on the hunt for something with similar properties without having to step outside the law or getting a prescription, check out my reviews on either noopept, piracetam or pramiracetam.

tom wells

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