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Chia Seeds Review

A Healthy And Natural Energy Booster

There is really an extreme hype around Chia Seeds these days and it’s very difficult to sort out the facts from the BS. So I decided to try it out myself and write about my Chia Seed experience. I wanted to try it out for the sake of weight loss but I’ve been alert to other benefits it may provide as well. I’m about 3 weeks into my Chia-rich diet now and I’m going to break it down for you.

If you wish to find out where to buy Chia Seeds right now, scroll down for further information, but I really recommend you keep reading the full review for more benefits and possible side effects of Chia Seeds.

Where To Buy Chia Seeds?

This Is My Chia Seed Experience

Being a picky kind of guy, seeds in general aren’t really my favorite food so my first concern was how to eat chia seeds. So I started by looking into chia seed recipes and found that the easiest way of incorporate it into my diet was to make chia seed bread, this turned out to be really easy and is tastes way better than it sounds, plus, the internet is full of good recipes!

So, I began to eat this bread about three times a day for about 3 weeks, not really feeling any strong effect. So I did some more research and it turns out, that the best way to extract the goodies from the seeds is to put them in a glass of water, until it becomes a gel, then drink it. So I started putting one tablespoon of organic chiaseeds in a glass of water and drinking this once every morning and every evening. Now, it takes a while for the gel to form, around 15-30 min, so I started making jugs of this stuff to have in the fridge, one part chia seeds and nine parts water is good. A fair warning, the texture of this stuff, is really freaky and it takes some time getting used to.

Chia Seeds And Energy

I have way more energy and alertness, I read some people get rid of their coffee need and I can’t do anything but assent. I have a way easier time focusing and concentrating on whatever I’m doing, so lectures and seminars have become so much easier to attend now (for more on this I suggest you look into nootropics)! I don’t really have the need to lose weight, but one apparent effect of chiaseeds is the feeling of being full you get. So my need to eat has gone down substantially when I’m taking this stuff, making it a perfect natural way of losing weight.

It is a great energy booster, if you are looking for a way to gain mass or muscles however, I’d really recommend you to try buy Pine Pollen or Mucuna Pruriens, both great testosterone boosters!

Any Downside To Chia Seeds?

I can’t say I have had any side effects, my stomach took a couple of days getting used to this dietary addition which makes sense since it is packed with fibers, which in the end actually gave me a more stable bowel movement. Be sure to always stick the providing company’s recommended dosage and ask your doctor’s advice before trying any new supplements!

All in all, I really recommend this, it is a great energy booster and I have to say I kind of confirmed both my friend’s and the internet’s worship of this product. So, try it, for me it took about 1-2 weeks before I experienced the benefits of chia seeds, so you have to give it some time if you want to give it an honest try. And it’s definitely the best, lazy way to lose weight!

Where To Buy Chia Seeds?

A question we get asked a lot is: where can I buy chia seeds? Well, I’m obtain organic chiaseeds online at Amazon , the delivery time actually varies a bit, it can take anywhere between a couple of days to a week, depending on where you live. Sometimes they offer free shipping on certain products, this can actually also vary some. Needless to say, the shipping quality isn’t great and can vary, but in my opinion, as long as the products are good, I’m happy, and the products really are!

Buy Chia Seeds Now

More About Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are some of the most popular foods on the planet thanks to their numerous health benefits. They are small in size, black in color and oval in shape, and are obtained from Salvua Hispanica, a plant that primarily grows in South America. Despite being consumed for many years, it’s only recently that chiaseeds became recognized as a contemporary superfood. Here’s an in-depth guide about these foods including their uses and benefits.

Chia Seed Benefits

In general, people consume chiaseeds for different reasons, many of which needs further research to completely confirm. Their rich nutritional content means that they can benefit one in a range of situations including the following:

  • Weight Loss

    These foods help bring about fat loss by suppressing your appetite and food cravings. Their high fiber content will keep you feeling satisfied for longer so that you eat less.

  • Dehydration

    Because chia seeds can absorb several times their size in liquid, they’re great for minimizing chances of dehydration during workout or continuous exposure to heat.

  • Exercise

    Several studies show that chiaseeds can boost exercise performance just like sport drinks. They do so by helping athletes “carb load” to enhance endurance while boosting the intake of nutrients.

Chia Seed Nutrition And Constituents

The reason Chia Seeds are so beneficial for us is its high abundance of nutrients. Chia Seeds contains, among other things:

  • Protein

    On the basis of weight, these foods are roughly 14% protein which is quite high compared to other plants

  • Amino Acids

    Amino acids constitutes the building blocks of proteins in our cells and are thus important for many cell functions

  • Amino Acids

    These are important for fighting free radicals in the body and may be slowing down ageing and possibly preventing cancer and other diseases

  • Fiber

    Fiber are important for proper bowel movement and will help you feeling full for longer

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids

    Faccy acids are important for many cell functions in our bodies, not least in our brains

Chia Seeds Side Effects

In general, these foods do not have any major effects on the users. They, however, may have blood-thinning effect especially when consumed in large doses. Furthermore, they contain a compound that can affect the absorption of minerals in the body. The high levels of alpha-linolenic acid in the seeds might also increase the risk of prostate cancer. Like with any other supplement, it should be taken for a limited period of time and you should always follow the recommended dosage. The recommended dosage may vary depending on where you purchase chia seeds, so make sure to stick to whatever the providing company is recommending.

Another great natural energy booster is Horny Goat Weed.


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