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It takes about a week of daily intake of Ginseng for the more sustained effects to kick in. It sounds kind of vague but I think the best way of describing the effect is as natural or healthy energy. I’m completely off coffee and I can use this supplement as a way of edging my focus during lectures and seminars, and it gives me as much physical endurance – I’ve been able to intensify my workout extensively – as it gives my brain an energy boost and the best thing is – I can’t feel any side effects whatsoever. Its effects aren’t as strong as those for nootropics, like adrafinil or noopept. but still a great, natural alternative.
If you wish to find out where to get it simply click the link below, but I recommend you keep reading for the full review and more information about the benefits and possible side effects!

Benefits Of Ginseng

This Is My Experience

As a child, we used to have an old Asian, if I remember correctly I think he was Chinese, neighbor, in his early 80s or so, that was probably more physically active than most men half his age. The old guy does Tai-chi, walks for several kilometers daily, and volunteers in a local charity during weekends. He was absolutely full of life and vitality that we find it hard to believe that he was as old as he said he was. My dad asked what his secret was in staying sharp in his old age, and our neighbor gamely pointed to a bottle of ginseng pills on his table counter.

I remembered this anecdote when I was suffering from constant fatigue and stress about six months ago. Being in the middle of two part-time jobs definitely took a toll on my body, and I was getting more depressed as time went by. My mind felt sluggish, my body was weary and I just felt as if I had aged fifteen years in just a few short months. I had trouble focusing on my simple tasks and at work.

Korean Ginseng

So I took the advice of our old neighbor years back, and settled for ginseng. This root has been used in Korean and Chinese medicine for thousands of years, often treated as a panacea that only emperors and imperial guards can use. Surely, it can work for a plain office dude like me?

Thankfully, there are a lot of different variants that are available on the online supplement shops that I consulted. I tried this product from Absorb Your Health caught my eye, since it was hailed as the the “true” variant, and a lot of people seemed to have found success with it. I bought a bottle of capsules and immediately set out to test its potency.

From my experiences after using this extract, I derived the following benefits and side effects.

Natural Endurance Booster

The benefits of ginseng kicked in after a week. I was noticeably more active at work and I felt a lot more focused. It’s like caffeine without the inherently negative side effects such as insomnia and anxiety. You feel an immediate effect as well as an effect after having taken it for a while.

Ginseng Uses

Another benefit that I observed was physical in nature. I like to run for a few miles every other day (or as my schedule permits). Before Ginseng , I could only manage to run a mile before getting tired or bored out of my mind. Any distance longer than that would severely impair my performance at work the next day, even if I would be in a good workout period. But the ginseng made my running times longer— I am able to run two and a half miles without getting too tired or exhausted, so it really helps to recover from workout and helps me to gain results faster.

It actually has similar effects as Chia Seeds, so if you are looking to boost your energy even further, maybe you should check this out as well!

Were There Any Downsides?

I haven’t encountered any harmful side effects with ginseng yet. In my opinion, this stuff is probably a whole lot better for you than caffeine. I highly recommend it for people who want a boost in mind and physical condition, without the harmful risk.

Even though I didn’t feel any side effects, some have been reported, keep reading further down for more information about this. Always be sure to follow the recommended dosage given by the company from which you buy ginseng and to ask your doctors advice before trying any new supplements!

Where To Buy Ginseng?

I often get asked; where can I buy ginseng? Well, I obtain Ginseng at Absorb Your Health, the delivery time actually varies a bit, it can take anywhere between a couple of days to a week, depending on where you live but I think they offer the best products.

Needless to say, the shipping quality can vary a bit, but in my opinion, as long as the products are good, I’m happy, and the products really are!

Ginseng Benefits And Side Effects

More About This Supplement

This is a herbal medicine derived from the roots of various distinct species of plants categorized under the Araliaceae plant family. Ginseng extract is sought from the roots of the Asian or Korean ginseng species. It is a remedy for various types of diseases and illnesses and is thus a panacea. It also has energizing effects which has made it earn the name root of life’.

The root extract is very nutritious. It is rich in essential amino acids and various other mineral components; calcium, copper, iron, alluminium, magnesium, potassium and zinc. It is also rich in vitamins B, C, D, triterpernoids and ginsenosides. The ginsenosides, which are the triterpene saponins are the active components of it that give the plant roots their therapeutic properties. These properties include; antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

The Benefits

Ginseng is a panacea; it has various uses in terms of remedy for illnesses and helping the body fight infections. Ginseng is used for the treatment of diabetes, anemia, gastritis (stomach lining inflammation), asthma, fever, dysentery, colds and flu. Some people also use it when experiencing hangovers, nerve pains, headaches, dizziness, loss of appetite and vomiting. Although well studied, more research is needed to confirm many of the effects which may be the following:

  • Improve mental function such as; reaction time, arithmetic skills, abstract thinking. Together with ginkgo biloba, it may improve memory

  •    Improve lung function in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

  •    Improve sexual function in men with erectile dysfunction

  •    Prevent premature ejaculation

The ginseng is also popular for its aphrodisiac properties. It is used as a remedy for various sexual problems. It can be used to improve libido, to treat erectile dysfunction, to prevent premature ejaculation and improve the strength of ejaculation. This plant is also effective in treating sexual impotence, combating infertility, stimulating virility and self-confidence during sexual intercourse. It also helps to improve the quality of sperms and lengthening the period of ovulation.

It can also be used as an energizer to boost the body energy. It improves the generation of energy in the body and improves the physical endurance of the body. It also reduces muscular pains and fatigue which improves the capacity of effort by the body. Ginseng can also be used to improve concentration, memory thinking and the efficiency and productivity of work. This is achieved as it reduces stress, nervousness, anxiety and depression that can hamper concentration.

Side Effects

Ginseng may have some side effects when taken in large quantities (read more about dosage further down or at the place where you buy ginseng). Such effects may include:

  •    Headache

  •    Sleeplessness

  •    Diarrhea

  •    Skin rashes

  •    High blood pressure

It is always recommended to use ginseng for a limited period of time, long-term (more than 3 months) use may be harmful and it may affect hormones in the body and more rare side effects may include:

  •    Menstrual problems

  •    Breast pain

  •    Increased heart rate

  •    Loss of appetite

  •    Itching

  •    Dizziness

  •    Mood changes

  •    Vaginal bleeding

  •    Liver damage

There are alos states or conditions where it may be harmful and when you may want to avoid it or at least ask your doctor’s advice before trying it:

  •    Pregnancy

  •    Infants and children should avoid it

  •    Auto-immune diseases: multiple sclerosis (MS), system lupus erythematosus (SLE), rheumatoid anthritis (RA)

  •    Bleeding conditions

  •    Heart conditions 

  •    Diabetes

  •    Hormone-sensitive conditions such as: breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis and uterine fibroids

  •    Insomnia

  •    Schizophrenia

  •    Organ transplant


The dosage for ginseng varies depending on the region and individual needs. For instance, the Chinese recommend high dosages of up to 2 grams daily while in Europe, a range of 100 to 400 milligrams is recommended daily. The dosage should also be restricted to periods of 3 to 4 weeks with a week’s rest in between, and should not be taken for 3 consecutive months without a break. Other stimulants such as coffee should be avoided during dosage. Most importantly, stay with the dosage recommended by the company from which you get it!

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