superfood for digestive problems

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Digestion is a complicated process that includes many steps, from the moment you chew the food right down to when it becomes waste. Along the way, a number of digestive problems may be encountered. This depends on a variety of factors and what you eat may be one of these.

Talk about acid reflux, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), indigestion, constipation, etc. and know that some of these digestive problems are caused by foods you consume. Foods saturated with unhealthy fats, sugar, and anything processed and genetically modified can trigger digestive problems. But do you know that simple fixes can help correct these?

superfoods for digestive health

Instead of going for medications and supplements, a corrective measure most effective to treat these digestive conditions is through diet. Add in these awesome superfoods in your daily diet. You should see some amazing improvements:

  • Fermented foods

    Whether it’s sauerkraut, miso, kimchi, or kefir, these fermented foods are great for digestive problems. More important than their nutritional content, these fermented foods have millions of good bacteria that are very helpful for the gut. These foods are powerful detoxifiers perfect for gut flora. It promotes easier and faster digestion, preventing constipation and GERD.

fermented foods for digestive health
  • Bone broth

    Amidst the myriad of nutrients found in bone broth, the one beneficial component for gut health is collagen. It heals the irritation in the gut lining and minimizes intestinal inflammation. It is a potent immune-boosting superfood. In particular, bone broth’s L-glutamine content helps repair a leaky gut. Its glycine content is shown to aid in proper digestion and detoxification too.

superfoods that heal the gut
  • Chia seeds

    Packing an insane amount of fiber, chia seeds are great for soothing digestive distress. It has anti-inflammatory compounds that help with leaky gut. When ingested, chia seeds form into gelatin-like substance in your stomach lining, which becomes an effective prebiotics. This encourages the propagation of good bacteria in your gut, which leads to a better digestive health.

  • Yogurt

    Probiotics in yogurt cultivate the good bacteria that aid in digestion and regularly replenish the flora in your digestive tract, a perfect way to ensure optimal digestive health. Yogurt is also great for overall health. Just make sure to look for the ‘live and active cultures’ label in the yogurt you’re buying as this can determine whether it is beneficial or not.

  • Moringa

    Moringa has long been in use in history as the all-in-one medicinal vegetable. Today, it still remains one of the most nutritious vegetables with high fiber, ideal for digestive discomforts. Fiber helps mop up toxins and fats that could lead to gut inflammation. Moringa contains isothiocyanates, a type of phytochemical, that have antibacterial properties that flush out ulcer and gastritis-causing bacteria.

top superfoods that heal digestive problems
  • Banana

    This wonder fruit regulates bowel movement with its rich content of potassium and electrolytes. Banana is also used to treat diarrhea, and it can help deal with digestive problems like ulcer, acid reflux, and indigestion. Incorporating banana into your diet optimizes digestive health.

Tip: Fluids- lots of it! Taking a sufficient amount of water keeps your digestive tract hydrated. This ensures a normal cycle of digestion. Water flushes toxins and chemicals in the process too.

If you’re currently experiencing any digestive discomfort, hot water is the solution. Make it a habit to drink a glass of hot water in a day.

Leaky gut and gastrointestinal distress are the common cause of digestive problems. With the superfoods listed above, you can correct both of these conditions. Coupled with a healthier lifestyle, your digestive health will be on its way to its absolute optimum!

Sarah Burgess

My name is Sarah Burgess and I’m a health and nutrition specialist and enthusiast. I did my PhD at the Division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University and finished in 2015 and now I’ve been writing for Slowfoodnation since 2017. Apart from writing on blogs about health, superfood and nutrition, I love to exercise, running and pilates are two of my true addictions! I believe we create our own luck and everyone have the potential to reach true potential and be the best version of ourselves.