Making Your Own, Homemade Ginseng Tea

Ginseng is one of the oldest antioxidant supplements in the world, which boost general body energy and mental wellness. There are two types of ginseng: oriental and American ginseng. Oriental ginseng is native to Korea and China, while American Ginseng originates from the Eastern parts of North America, however, oriental ginseng is more popular.

Ginseng tea is typically made from ginseng roots (rhizomes). The tea has an initial slight sweet taste but leaves a bitter aftertaste but can be sweetened with honey if necessary. The best roots for making tea are firm and should have no discolorations. Ginseng tea is also available in tea bags ready for drinking but it is often best to prepare fresh tea for maximum benefits. It can be taken warm or iced. Instead of the regular cup of coffee, you might substitute with ginseng tea, which is also a stimulant. You may also consider trying Matcha Green Tea.

Preparing ginseng is very simple and can be easily done on a daily basis. You might want to consider making your own tea instead of buying ginseng.

Step-By-Step Guide For Making Ginseng Tea

  • Select fresh ginseng rhizomes from the grocery store or the local fresh vegetable market.

  • Wash them whole and slice them as thinly as you can. The thinner it is, the better. You will need about 3 slices for a cup of tea. You can also add more slices if you prefer stronger tea. Otherwise, you can make more tea and refrigerate for later use.

  • Boil water in a saucepan and then switch off the heating system. There are two options here. You can either pour the hot water over the slices or put the slices into the saucepan.

  • Let the ginseng slices steep for five minutes or longer and sieve them out. Pour the liquid into a cup and sample it.

  • Add a little honey if the taste is too unbearable.
  • You might also choose to eat the slices after making tea for extra benefits. They can also be added to soups for flavor.
  • Do not boil the ginseng roots because excess heat breaks down the beneficial components.

To realize the complete benefits of ginseng, it requires regular use. After a while, you start to feel more energetic because it also improves your immunity. In addition, ginseng can be taken together with green tea. However, it should not be overused. A cup or two a day should be enough. Note that oriental ginseng has more stimulating abilities than the American variety. Ginseng tea is not recommended for people with sleep disorders, pregnant women, children and those diagnosed with hypertension.

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