He Shou Wu – No More Gray Hair!

Ever since I was a child, my luxuriant black hair has always been my pride and joy. It’s shiny, strong, and always seem to be so vibrant and full of life.

But in the last few years, I’ve noticed that my hair isn’t what it used to be. Despite years of care (I’ve never dyed my hair nor used any harsh haircare product), the vibrancy seems to have vanished. My hair became dull and strands were falling out at an alarming rate especially after washing. I needed to do something. Now, I’ve already tried a lot of supplements that claimed to reinvigorate hair growth before, but I found most of them to be either too expensive or ineffective.

The funny thing is I got recommended He Shou Wu for different reasons. I was looking for something that could give me an extra energy boost to better cope with work and life in general. A friend of mine recommended I try He Shou Wu, and it really works for an extra energy boost as well and rather as a side effect, my hair got back its younger natural black tone!

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Originally A Chinese Anti-Aging Medicine

he shou wu gray hairFor those not familiar with these herbs, He Shou Wu has long been a staple in traditional Chinese medicine. Its origins as a tonic dates as far back as the 8th century, when it was initially known as an all-around health nourisher and an aphrodisiac. He Shou Wu is derived from the roots of the Polygonum multiflorum (also known locally as the Fo-Ti plant). When translated, the name itself literally means “Mr. Ho’s hair is black” (shou means head, while wu means black). This is derived from an ancient story about a certain Mr. Ho, whose graying hair regained its youthful black color when he heed a monk’s advice to consume He Shou Wu as a health supplement.

And it seems like the ancient legends were right. In just a span of four months, my hair regained its old vitality, strength, and shine back. Admittedly, the effects on my hair weren’t noticeable at first. What I first experienced was actually what I was looking for from the start – a general improvement of my health. I was particularly prone to bouts of lethargy before, but upon taking these supplements, I’ve never felt more energetic!

After a month of using these supplements, I’ve noticed that the number of hair strands that I was losing after every bath progressively became fewer and fewer. After another month, my hair became much fuller with more body, with each strand becoming thicker than before. I have a little bit of gray hair that I really don’t give much of a care about, but I noticed that after taking He Shou Wu, the gray strands didn’t seem to be as prominent as before (I’ve noticed some strands that were actually regaining back their old black color).

The Verdict

Now, very few completely natural products can compete with a hair transplant or dying your hair, but if you wish to do this all naturally with good results I really recommend He Shou Wu!


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