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Japanese Matcha Tea

There are a lot of training regimes and diets that promise to help you burn fat. Most of them are however hard to keep up with and the diets are nothing short of a method of starvation. At least that’s how most people look at it.

Shedding the extra kilos is no joke and when a new super food or magical drink comes along, everyone is eager to try it out. Matcha green tea has been there for centuries and there is a lot it can do for you apart from relaxing muscles and getting you all warmed up.

Matcha Green Tea for Weight Loss

There are numerous known upsides to Matcha tea thanks to its antioxidant properties, benefits for the hair and skin, detoxifying properties and digestion aid. Zen monks drank the tea 1,000 years ago because it helped them concentrate during long periods of meditation and now people are drinking it because it helps them lose weight!

How exactly does matcha tea help with weight loss?

Dr. Oz refers to it as “the champagne of green teas” and there is reason for the holistic tea to elicit such praise from fitness enthusiasts everywhere. The main reason why the tea works better than others in its class is its high EGCG content. While the compound is not one that is unique to the tea, it has 3 times more EGCG than other green teas. The antioxidant chatechin EGCG is a metabolism booster that helps you burn more calories during average-intensity workouts thus promoting weight loss. In one study, the tea was found to help participants increase their rate of burning fat by 17% with 30-minute cycling exercises. Even though it was a small study of only 12 subjects and needs more information to back it up, the good news is that the amount of EGCG used in the study can be found in two cups of matcha tea.

Another way in which the tea of the moment solves the tough issue of losing weight is through increased thermogenesis which in simpler terms is the rate at which the body burns calories. The increase ranges from 8-10% or 35-43% for the body’s daily energy expenditure.

Increasing performance levels for more workouts

Clinical tests have shown that the tea is helpful to athletes who have a lot of high-intensity training in their routines by facilitating quick recovery after an injury. For the regular person, the most important thing here is reduced fatigue.

Incorporating matcha green tea in your diet

The one thing that everyone who uses the tea loves about it is that you don’t need too much to see the results. Instead of a cup of coffee in the morning why not have matcha tea instead? You can also drink it in between meals when you feel like snacking on something . According to the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, the best time to have a cup of the tea is 30 minutes before a workout.

While the tea alone will not magically trim your shape into what you want it to be, it’s a great help that has more benefits than just shedding the extra weight. From diabetes, cancer and heart disease prevention to anti-aging properties, you will always have a reason to take a cup after work or before you go to sleep.

tom wells

Co-Founder of Slowfoodnation. Nutrition expert. Ph.D in Food Science and Nutrition.

Tom Wells is the co-founder and main editor for Slowfoodnation. Initially he was actually in the business of computer science, working with websites. But he realized that this alone didn’t exactly fulfill me. So he decided to combine his knowledge in web development with a PhD in a more organic field. He’s an entrepreneur, food-lover and a gym-freak, always on the move.