Mi40X Review

Mi40X Review

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I have been health conscious all my life- well, for the most part of my life. I am a full-time member in a gym, I make very good eating choices and I take a lot of water and that all-important protein in good measure. I however decided that this year, I wanted more. I have been operating within acceptable health standards but had not reached my ultimate goal. By making the right health choices, I had achieved internal health. I was feeling good and healthy on the inside. I however realized that I still needed to work on my exterior. I wanted to lose any excessive fat, gain muscle and look ‘compact’. After all, health is both interior and exterior.

While I was out hiking with some of my friends, a topic on muscle-building came up and I was referred to a program by Ben Pakulski called Mi40x. My friends attributed their muscle build to the program, its almost like chia seeds.

Mi40X Workout Sheets

What Is The Mi40X Program?

The Mi40x program is generally a muscle-building strategy that maximizes on burning excess fat and gaining more muscle. The program is based on a cell expansion strategy that compares our muscle cells to little balloons that can increase in size while burning fat. The program came highly recommended and now I understand why.

This Is My Mi40X Experience

For starters, the program is time-saving. This takes away the urge to give up mid-program. The workouts are short and results are visible after a short time. In my case, I have seen the results after two months. The short workouts save up on time that can be used to engage on other healthy activities.

Secondly, the program does not encourage starving; in fact, it works with food as fuel. In the quest to burn body fat and look leaner, some programs really emphasize on one cutting out on food. The Mi40x program uses fat as fuel and acknowledges the need for the energy of the food that we eat.

Mi40X Workout

It is also a very safe program backed up by scientific studies. There is always a danger in following programs that suggest what we do with our bodies and what we consume. This program however has proven to be really safe in approach. The science behind it makes sense and you can always get medical advice if in doubt.

For me, this program came across as very detailed and not ambiguous. The workout programs are very thorough and are available in different multimedia formats. This really worked for me as I am always on the move. I was able to access the programs in any format that was convenient to me at any time.

The Verdict

The program has worked for me and I don’t intend on stopping now. It is however important to note that there are some demanding techniques included; techniques that even I found challenging. It is therefore not as easy as everyone would like it to be. Beginners in particular need to be cautious when starting Mi40x. As in any health program, one needs to prepare in advance. And lastly, what works for one may not necessarily work for the other.

All in all, this program by Ben Pakulski has worked for me and I would recommend it to anyone like out there looking to achieve all-round health, its basically a mental testosterone  and energy booster.