mucuna pruriens or velvet bean

Synonyms: Atmagupta, Cowitch, Couhage, Cow-Itch Plant, Feijao Macaco, Dolichos Pruriens, Kapi Kacchu, HP-200, Kapikachhu, Kapikachchhu, Kapikachu, Kawach, Kawanch, Kaunch, Kiwach, Kevanch, Mucuna hirsuta, Macuna, Prurient, Prurita, Ojo de Venado, Ojo de Buey, Pois à Gratter, Pica-Pica, Pois Velu, Pois Mascate, Velvet Bean Stizolobium pruriens.

A Natural Substitute For Artificial Workout Boosters

I have tried a lot of different synthesized supplements like creatine and protein and gainer but I got to say, this is just as good! In fact, it’s probably the best natural pre-workout supplement out there! When combining this stuff with a good work out program and a protein rich diet, there are few synthetic supplements that can compete. With creatine I experience an increase of acne, there is nothing like that with Mucuna, or the Velvet Bean extract as it’s also called, no side effects whatsoever. It reminds me of the effects of Pine Pollen, or maybe the benefits of Shilajit but this is still something else.
If you wish to find out where I get the extract simply click the link below or keep reading for the full review and more general information!

Where To Buy Mucuna Pruriens

This Is My Experience

As a fitness buff, I’m always on the lookout for NATURAL strength enhancing supplements that can help me maximize my workout gains and push my physical strength to its limits. I’m never one for steroids, and I shun every artificial or chemical enhancement that is out on the market today.

It is by a lucky twist of fate that someone from my gym introduced me to this natural supplements then, as it happened, I was asked by a friend to write this review for his website, so I did. Backed by the latest medical studies, these herbal supplements were proven to increase the body’s growth hormones and stimulate the production of dopamine (a neurotransmitter that is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system). In other words, mucuna pruriens can help keep both your body and mind in tip top shape.

Natural Hormone Booster

If you’re harboring doubts about this herb, keep in mind that the benefits of mucuna pruriens have long been known by ancient practitioners of the Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medical system. The herb has been used to treat a variety of diseases, and is also considered to be a potent aphrodisiac. Modern medicine, meanwhile, has proven the herb’s efficacy in treating neurological disorders like Parkinson’s, due to its generous L-Dopa content (L-Dopa is an amino acid that is necessary for the synthesis of dopamine).

Mucuna Pruriens And Bodybuilding

Its body building benefits stems from the fact that L-Dopa also plays a huge role in the production of growth hormones. While exercise can stimulate the production of these hormones, L-Dopa can boost everything up, thereby increasing the growth hormones’ effects. Many claims this to be a brain booster, however, this is not its main beneficial attribute, if you are looking for something like that I’d firstly recommend Ginkgo Biloba, or secondly, some of the nootropics we tried.

Increased Strength And Endurance

After a couple of months of consuming mucuna pruriens, I can feel an obvious increase in my physical strength, very much like with Pine Pollen or Bee Pollen. I can lift heavier weights at my gym without being too fatigued afterwards and I gain in strength much faster. I regularly run around 15km every week (to keep up with my weekly dose of cardio), but with this powder, I’ve been able to increase this distance by another 5 km without much trouble. I also find that I have a lot more energy at work and school. It seems that the dopamine does have an effect on brain function since I find myself being more attentive during lectures and meetings. I also find that I do not get easily bored like before.

Was There a Downside to Taking This Extract?

A word of warning though, some users have reported dizziness as a side effect when they ingested mucuna pruriens. This is probably due to the fact that they have taken a whole lot more than the recommended daily dosage, and as such, have suffered the effects of L-Dopa overdose. If you want to maximize the benefits of it, make sure that you always stick to your daily dosage and as always, we recoomend you to ask your doctor’s advice before trying any new supplements if you are planning to get this product!

My overall verdict is that mucuna pruriens is a great herbal supplement. For athletes and fitness buffs, it can be a natural alternative to many of the artificial supplements that you can find on the market today.

Where To Get It?

A question we get asked a lot is; where can I buy mucuna pruriens? Well, I get Mucuna Pruriens at Lost Empire Herbs. They  have a delivery time of about 2-3 days if you’re living in the U.S. They mostly keep the shipping time, they don’t have that many products compared to many other, larger companies, but I can easily say their quailty is one of the best on the market today!

Where To Buy Mucuna Pruriens
What Is Mucuna Pruriens

More About It

Mucuna Pruriens, also known as Velvet Bean, Kapikachhu, Cowitch or Werepe, is a herb native to India, the Caribbean and Africa. Although well known as a powerful herbal aphrodisiac, it also has tonifying and strengthening properties. Most of the medicinal effects associated with the herb come from its seeds but other parts such as the pod and roots can be used in herbal preparation as well. Read on to understand in detail about this supplement.


The velvet bean is by many considered the best natural pre workout. Thanks to its various properties, the popular Ayurvedic herb is used for numerous purposes which may include (although well studied, many of the benefits needs to be further researched in order to confirm completely).

  •    Building Muscles

  •    Boosting Sexual Performance

  •    Enhancing Mood Naturally


Research shows that the herb contains 40mg per gram of L-DOPA, a compound that’s a direct precursor to an important neurotransmitter called dopamine. This neurotransmitter works to stimulate the pituitary gland and in turn boosts the production of the human growth hormone in the body (HGH). High levels of HGH can help ensure human longevity.

Dopamine also increases testosterone and other youth hormones which tend to decrease as people advance in age. This action may be responsible for the association of Mucuna Pruriens with restoration of libido, lean muscle mass and reduced signs of aging among others. The herb also contains the following active compounds:

  •    Nicotinic Acid

  •    Serotonin and 5-HTP

  •    Beta-Carboline

  •    Behenic Acid (Fatty Acid)

  •    Glycoprotein inhibitor of enzymes responsible for protein breakdown


Mucuna pruriens has many benefits but even though well studied, this supplement still needs further research in order to completely confirm most of the following benefits:

  •    Improved Mood

    Many users have reported having improved mood and motivation after using the herb. This could be due to the effect of serotonin and L-DOPA.

  •    Neuroprotective Effect

    It is said to have a neuroprotective effect on the brain cells as well as other bodily processes which can possibly reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging.

  •    Boosts Sexual Performance

    Mucuna Pruriens extracts have been proven to improve sexual function. Male users realize increased endurance as well as libido while female users realize higher libido. The herb can also minimize oxidative damage to the sperm.

  •    Anti-oxidant Effect

    Thanks to its anti-oxidant properties, the herb can help flush out toxins and other harmful poisons from our bodies.

  •    Other Benefits

    Users can also experience increased mental alertness, improved concentration, more energy and reduced anxiety.

Side Effects

Although the herb is relatively safe, it can still cause a number of side effects, especially when taken in very high doses or used over prolonged periods. It is recommended to not take it for more than 20 days straight, follow the recommended dosage given by the providing company and as always, ask your doctor’s advice before trying any new supplements. The following are rare but real, possible side effects of mucuna pruriens:

  •    Nausea

  •    Abdominal Bloating Sensation

  •    Vomiting

  •    Insomnia

  •    Pounding Heartbeat

  •    Headache

And you may want to stay away from mucuna pruriens if you are in any of the following conditions:

  •    Pregnancy

  •    Cardiovascular Disease

  •    Diabetes

  •    Low blood sugar

  •    Liver Disease

  •    Stomach Or Intestinal Ulcers

  •    Mental Illness


You can take anything between 200 & 500 mg a day. In general, most people start with 200 mg and increase the dosage if they don’t see the expected effects. The herb is often sold in the market in powdered extract form, although you can still find tablet and even capsule sources. But the exact proper dosage also depends on where you buy mucuna pruriens extract, so be sure to follow the recommended dosage by the providing company!

Mucuna Pruriens Dosage
Mucuna Pruriens
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