nootropics for hangover

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The human body can only take so much. After a night of partying, you don’t expect to just bounce back and be your usual productive self. You may have just survived a night of raging party, but to be fully functioning to attend class or even go to work would be quite impossible. Yes, you can probably chug water, fruit juices, eat a full breakfast, drink alka-seltzer, take pain killers, but note that the symptoms of a hangover won’t go away easily.

nootropics for after party

First off, what are the factors that can set off the worst hangover of your life? (1) Alcohol consumption; (2) sleep deprivation; and (3) physical exhaustion. Excessive consumption of all kinds of booze all night long while partying the night away are the perfect recipe to a hangover.

It’s okay to party hard because after all, YOLO, but when it’s time for the hustle and bustle the next day, you should also be able to give it your most productive, because, yeah, YOLO. The good news is that nootropics supplementation can help you get back on your feet the day after binge partying. Although nootropics are primarily used for enhancing cognitive functionalities, it can also be effectively used to strategically alleviate the symptoms of hangover.

Here are some nootropics that can mitigate your hangover symptoms:

  • To recharge lost energy

For that strength to get out of bed and attend class or report for work, there are several nootropics that can recharge lost energy after you’ve partied all night.

  • Magnesium – replenishes the nutrients lost while partying, supplementation with magnesium helps (1) break up alcohol in your system and eliminate it; and (2) in the production of mitochondria so that your body is re-energized.

nootropics for night out
  • L-theanine + caffeine – this nootropic stack is quite popular because it provides a number of cognitive benefits, but when it comes to hangovers, it is most beneficial for providing the energy you need to jumpstart your day then gives you the focus to go through with the rest of your day productively.

  • To clear brain fog and fatigue
  • Choline – while your body’s energy is slowly restored, the brain should also be sharp enough for you to function properly. Choline, although primarily used as a memory enhancer, is great to boost mental energy and clear up that brain fog after a night’s party.

  • Rhodiola rosea – a natural nootropic, Rhodiola rosea is primarily an energizing supplement. The perfect nootropic supplement that will eliminate the fatigue from lack of sleep, physical exhaustion and alcohol intoxication. An added bonus to taking Rhodiola rosea is its ability to drastically improve mood. It’s pretty understandable that you’re as cranky as a bear the morning after partying, but since you’re going to uni or reporting for work, it simply isn’t okay to not be in your best mood. Rhodiola rosea is the answer to this!

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  • To improve focus and overall cognition

If you think that alcohol and a night of partying only affect you physically, think again. Alcohol can create havoc on several parts of the brain. Primarily it can destroy brain cells, which affects your cognitive abilities. This is why nootropics that improve focus and overall cognition is recommended after a night of partying to repair the damage caused by alcohol.

  • Piracetam – this nootropic is known for its memory enhancing benefits and its ability to boost focus and concentration. However, a number of studies conducted also show of piracetam’s possibility to alleviate human alcoholic states, minimizing toxic symptoms of alcohol.

hangover nootropics

Studies can get extremely stressful and work can often be quite draining. It’s okay to get away from all the stress and pressures of life, party the night away, and let loose. In the morning though, you need to get back to your regular routine again, and you just can’t afford not to be in a good state when you get back. With the help of nootropics supplementation, the after effects of a night out of partying can be effectively managed. Just remember that while it’s always good to relax and unwind every now and then, making a habit out of partying all night and supplementing nootropics after may not be quite the healthy lifestyle.