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It is simply the king of nootropics. This stuff gives me focus and a definite memory boost. My memory becomes a sponge and my brain doens’t feel any obstacles when trying to learn new stuff and it now has urges to soak in information. This is why restlessness and understimulation are side effects of noopept, taking this when trying to relax just won’t work, for that I recommend phenibut. For studies and focus-demanding work however, I can really say there is no nootropic better than this! If you wish to find out where to buy noopept simply click the link below, but I recommend you to keep reading for the full review and to find out more about the benefits and possible side effects.

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This Is My Experience

I’m definitely not new to the world of nootropics and this time around I decided to try noopept. As a particularly studious college student juggling two part-time jobs, neuro enhancers fuel my brain and body to keep me going throughout the day. Not that I need them to function, but sometimes, it’s a great thing to give your brain a little extra boost, just so that you have all the energy that you need to focus and concentrate on things that matter – like schoolwork and your career.

Does It Work?

In my experience Noopept is the king of all nootropics. This neuro enhancing supplement is actually pretty similar in composition and effect to other Racetams on the market (i.e. piracetam and pramiracetam), but a thousand times more potent and effective.

Now, I did try piracetam before, and while it did work for me, its effects were barely noticeable at the least. I still find myself losing focus in school, and there’s still a bit of a mind “fog” when doing tedious tasks at work. I would usually have to down a cup of strong coffee mid-day just to keep my mind back on track. But this would usually result with me getting all jittery throughout the rest of the day. Though, my associate here at Slowfood Nation tried piracetam at the same time I tried noopept and he really likes it and claims it really enhanced his brain performance, so it really comes down to the individual, read his review here.

I stumbled upon this product upon searching for supplements similar to piracetam on Google. Upon reading the reviews, I was intrigued. A supplement stronger than most racetams? This is something that I need to try out.

Enchanced Concentration And Memory Retentionbest nootropic for studying

So, to the benefits. The effects is rather immediate, but after having used it for few days is when the real benefits of Noopept kicks in. I’ve begun to notice some drastic improvements in my performance at work and school. My memory became a sponge, gladly absorbing and retaining information from my study materials even when I’m tired from work. Not that I didn’t feel weary, it’s just that my brain seems to WANT to keep on going even if my body is in less than optimal condition (e.g. lack of sleep after pulling an all-nighter, hours of standing up at work, etcetera). I also notice that Noopept somehow helps stabilize my mood- no more feeling irritated and annoyed at daily minor inconveniences like traffic and slow internet!

In today’s society, we are taught to multitask, we have to check our phones, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter at the same time we are studying, working, chatting with friends and so on. This becomes very counterproductive because if we could focus on one thing at the time, it would become so much better done and we would get som much more done. With Noopept, this is simply reality.

With all that said, I highly recommend this supplement for people who want a brain booster that is potent yet affordable. I do have to point out though that there is a common misconception that this is an expensive product, (probably due to the fact that it is pricier than other nootropics per gram). But take note that it is 1000x more potent than racetams and other neuro enhancers, and you only need about 10mg a day of the product to get its full effects. A 500gram tub of powdered Noopept is enough for 100 servings- this is simply an awesome deal that gives you the best bang for your buck.

Now, if you are looking for something natural to boost your mind but, I must say, a little less potent, I’d recommend you try either Ginseng, Pine Pollen or Ginkgo Biloba.


Where To Get It?

We often get asked; where can you buy noopept? Well, I get it online at AbsorbYourHealth, this is a really professional site where the overall quality is very good and the shipping is pretty quick but most of all, in my opinion, they provide the best noopept brand. On their site, they say they always ship within 24 hours after purchase unless it’s a national holiday or a sunday. If you live in the U.S, it normally takes about 3 days to get your package and I have found that this true most of the time. If living in Canada it can take up to a week or more and for international shipping, 2 weeks at least.

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More About It

noopept chemical structureNoopept is a Nootropic supplement for enhancing the performance of the brain. It is used to improve memory, focus learning capacity as well as concentration.

The compound was developed in Russia in 1995 as a Peptide and patented in Russia and US under the brand name Noopept. It’s being sold in many countries as a dietary supplement, including the US. It also serves as medication in some countries for even serious ailments and cognitive diseases.

As a compound for enhancing the cognitive performance of the brain, Noopept has been found to be more effective than any other Nootropic drug in the market. Different studies have shown that this drug is 1000 times more effective than Piracetam, the strongest performance enhancing drug that was available in the market before Noopept. As of now, it is unregulated as a supplment, meaning it is legal for anyone to buy, making it very popular.

How Does It Work?

It’s grouped with a family of performance enhancing compounds called racetams, due to the similar mechanisms of action it shares with the group.

Noopept is a compound with glycine and proline; both amino acids and ester linked together to form a peptide molecule. It’s unique from most Peptides as it’s modified to be small with high levels of oral bio-availability of as high as 99.7%. This means the drug can be administered orally and absorbed to the brain before most of it is lost to digestive enzymes and acids.

For oral administration, 10 to 30mg ones to three times a day is often recommended, but always follow the recommendation from the providing company. For best results, one can take the drug with high protein meal to ensure transported and absorbed is faster. Sublingual administration and Nebulizing/vaporizing can also be used. Read more about how to take noopept and how to stack noopept!

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The experience of noopept varies between people and the best way to take noopept is highly individual, but studies show it can be neuro protective and an anti-oxidant in the nervous system as well as the brain. It’s also being used in many countries to treat Alzheimers patients as well as brain damage patients from the physical impact and those who may have destroyed their brain cells through such things as alcohol abuse. This is still a claim awaiting further research and confirmation,

Other benefits include:

  • Improve memory storage efficiency
  • Improve memory recall
  • Improve speech patterns
  • Increase awareness levels
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Improve physical performance
  • Increase energy and wakefulness.
  • Improve sleep
  • Helps to grow new brain cells

Side Effects

This drug is one of the few legally available brain enhancement drugs in the market today with few or no serious side effects. However, as with any supplements, you should always use it for a limited period of time, be more than 18 years old and make sure you are not allergic to any of the noopept constituents. Very little research has been done on the effects on pregnant women, so be on the safe and avoid it if that is the case.

With all the stated benefits of noopept and few known side effects reported by users of most Racetams, the drug has become a desired commodity on the market.

It’s no doubt Noopept is a miracle drug for the brain and nervous system but you should consult with your doctor before you buy noopept and as always, stick the recommended dosage provided by the company from which you bought your product!




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