phenylpiracetam effectsPhenylpiracetam Review – There Are Better Options..

It felt like it was time to put Phenylpiracetam to the test. I gotta say, very few of the nootropics I
tried are as good as Noopept, and at this point, that fact still stands. Based on what I have researched online, it is considered to be one of the strongest nootropic substances available in the market today. Needless to say, this was something that had to be tried. Having tried it for a week, it doesn’t really give me that much. Keep reading for full review, benefits and side effects of phenylpiracetam!

This Is My Experience

What It Promises

  • Improves memory
  • Better concentration
  • More focus
  • Greater mental energy

Without further ado, here’s my Phenylpiracetam review.

I got my Phenylpiracetam from Peak Nootropics, they normally have good products.

The general recommended dosage lies around 100-250 mg, so I started at 200 mg. The “effects” normally kicks in after around 30 minutes to an hour. The recommended dosage varies, depending on where you get it, so be sure to check with the company from whick you got your product.

There are initial instances where I experience, what is best explained by an overcoming very slight sense of euphoria creeping up on me. It is a feeling close to tiredness/drowsiness, but with an actual very small kick. But as my goal with taking these drugs is to improve concentration and memory, my first reaction was just feeling like it is making my ability to focus worse, even though it is not a bad feeling. However, for something to dampen anxiety, I would recommend Phenibut instead.

This feeling is just initial and after a while it is actually getting a bit better. A couple of hours in, my head becomes somewhat clearer and I can feel a small improvement in my ability to focus. It is not a huge improvement, but it is noticeable. However, if this is because of the dip of focus I had before or if it is an actual benefit of Phenylpiracetam I have a hard time deciding on.

Final Thoughts

This is a kind of overrated product, for the sake of focus and concentration, I really recommend Noopept. It is definitely the best nootropic I have come across so far, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should! If you are looking for something against social anxiety, or something similar, I’d recommend Phenibut. So save your time and money and skip Phenylpiracetam.

Where To Get It?

Now, I don’t really recommend this nootropic, but if you feel the need to check for yourself, I bought phenylpiracetam at Peak Nootropics, they normally have good products, so I think I blame the product itself rather than the company providing it. I much rather recommend you to buy noopept instead, that is definitely a nootropic that works!


More About It

phenylpiracetam tolerancePhenylpiracetam is a Nootropic belonging to the Racetam family, and as the name suggests it is a phenyl derivative of piracetam. This addition makes it more potent than the original substance by a significant percentage. It contains psychostimulatory properties that enhance physical performance and abilities.

Research studies have shown that the drug is effective in attenuating the symptoms of cognitive decline. It also has various effects on the central nervous system acting as a stimulant. This is the primary reason why it is used as a physical performance enhancer.


It is believed that phenylpiracetam was initially developed in Russia in the early 1990s. It is, however, becoming popular in many areas today. At a certain time, it was produced under the name of cardephon. Back then, it was used mostly by astronauts and military men to enhance their work. Until recently, athletes have adopted it as a doping control, to help them endure the tasks ahead of them.

It has been widely known for its effective ability to improve memory and sort out somatic issues in many individuals. Today, it is under research as a cure for stroke and epilepsy.


Phenylpiracetam has numerous advantages, however, these lack scientific evidence and as our test panel concluded in their review above, most of these are highly debateable or at the least highly individual effects:

  • Increased memory

Phenylpiracetam has been useful in speeding up recall. It increases the density of Acetylcholine within the hippocampus, which is the area used for long-term memory in the body.

  • Increased reaction to stress

It has a direct influence on GABA receptors, therefore it helps to alleviate stress and heighten the mood of an individual. It is also closely related to pain tolerance and heat in the body.

  • Increased mental energy

It stimulates the user to feel a rush of energy in their body and motivated to perform. It is a performance enhancer and also goes a long way in lessening the feeling of tiredness after doing a lot of work. It is advisable to take the first dose each and every morning so that it can be effective through the day.

  • Improved grasping ability

Due to the increase in the density of Acetylcholine, the grasping ability of an individual is enhanced. This ensures that they get to retain everything they see or hear. This has been particularly useful for people who are undertaking their studies.

Phenylpiracetam has been found to be useful in a number of ways including building stamina and also during the recovery process. This is the reason behind the use of the drug by athletes and military people. It also has the ability to fasten the recovery process in ailing persons.

Side Effects

The common side effects of phenylpiracetam, although they rarely occur are:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • General feeling of irritability

These side effects usually fade out on their own after a short while although they can be alleviated with the use of a choline supplement. In addition, phenylpiracetam should not be taken every day because the body may become used to it and render it ineffective. Simply ensure that you take it in cycles so as to avoid tolerance so that it benefits you each and every time. You should always ask your doctor’s advice before trying any new supplements and always stick to the dosage recommended by the company from which you get it!