Phosphatidylserine Review

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A Supplement that Effectively Improves Memory

In the past, I often repeatedly go back and forth inside the house, forgetting this, forgetting that. It even came to a point that I’ve had to stop and think what I came back for. That’s how forgetful I’ve become! I know, the memory slows down a bit when you’re past the age of your prime, but when I started taking phosphatidylserine supplements, I got it back! This sounds cheesy, but my memory is like that when I was 30, sharp as ever. I’m more alert too, and I can focus better!

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A Personal Experience on the Use of Phosphatidylserine

What can I say? My phosphatidylserine experience has reenergized my life. My memory is sharper, I notice that most of my cognitive efficiency has really improved ever since I started taking these supplements thrice a day. I’m glad that I found a reliable phosphatidylserine supplier in Absorb Health too. This means that I get the most out of my supplement, at a competitive price from a great company. And you know what’s even better, from time to time, I pair my PS supplement with ginkgo biloba for more benefits, and I also buy ginkgo from them. It’s just so convenient for me!

Stress-Reducing Effects

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I’ve already mentioned earlier how taking my phosphatidylserine supplements have helped me overcome my forgetfulness and restored back my sharp memory, but another thing that I discovered about phosphatidylserine is its stress-reducing effect. Upon further research, I found out that phosphatidylserine decreases cortisol levels in the body. This is the body’s natural response to the fight or flight risk and can cause erratic energy bursts.

When I started taking my phosphatidylserine supplement thrice a day, I noticed that I do not get anxious easily. I do not fret over the smallest things, and I feel more laid back, and I attribute all these positive changes from my PS supplement intake.

Sleep Quality and Length is Improved

Another phosphatidylserine benefit that I get to experience firsthand is the improved sleep. This is somewhat related to the previous benefit. Since phosphatidylserine reduces cortisol levels, insomnia and sleep apnea which are some of the effects of cortisols are prevented. Not only do I sleep soundly at night, but I get about 7 to 8 hours of sleep regularly. What’s more, I wake up in the morning without any trouble at all, I don’t even feel groggy and sluggish.

“I take my PS supplement thrice a day, and it restored my sharp memory; I was less anxious and don’t get stressed easily, plus i’m sleeping better!”

Are There Any Downsides to Phosphatidylserine?

I take my phosphatidylserine capsules thrice a day. One in the morning, one at noon, and then another one at night. So far, aside from that one incident where I took the capsule on an empty stomach and then I had a bit of an upset stomach after, I haven’t experienced any other side effects of phosphatidylserine. However, if you exceed the recommended dosage, there might be a few discomforts you will experience. But generally, phosphatidylserine is considered very safe for use, so as long as you stick to the dosage, you won’t have to worry anything.

Where to Buy Phosphatidylserine?

Not too long ago, I was quite confused on where can I buy phosphatidylserine, but I was lucky enough to find the best phosphatidylserine supplement at Absorb Health.  I can guarantee that their phosphatidylserine capsules are of the highest quality. Another great thing that I appreciate at Absorb Health is the same day shipping, so orders arrive at your doorstep earlier, 3 days at the least. Their phosphatidylserine price may be higher than what’s on the market, but you are assured that it’s top grade quality. If you’re interested in doing combined nootropics, Absorb Health also has a host of other wellness products that you can purchase.

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An Introduction to Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine (PS) was first identified in 1942, but the first PS supplements were not developed until the 1990s. As a phospholipid with both fatty and amino acids, phosphatidylserine is an essential component in almost all cellular functions. Aside from this though, phosphatidylserine is seen as one of the most vital building blocks of brain cells.

Research Studies on Phosphatidylserine

Studies on both humans and animals have shown that phosphatidylserine supplement is safe for use and is effective at addressing various conditions, especially those that involve cognitive functions with very few side effects at that.

In the ‘Effects of phosphatidylserine therapy in geriatric patients with depressive disorders.’ study, 10 women with depressive disorders were administered with placebo in a span of 15 days, then a PS supplement for 30 days. At the end of the trial period, a consistent improvement was seen in symptoms relating to memory, depression and behavior.

In another study, 36 children with ADHD aged 4 to 14, which had not undergone any type of drug treatment, was given a placebo or 200 mg of phosphatidylserine supplement for a 2-month duration. At the end of the trial period, it was seen that those who took the PS supplement showed substantial improvement in ADHD symptoms.

About Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine is an aminophospholipid that is naturally found in the body, with almost half of the entire PS concentrated in the brain. On average, about less than 100 mg of this compound is produced by the body, and about an average of 100 mg can be consumed through food sources. The growing discovery of the numerous benefits of phosphatidylserine has prompted the production of PS supplements. Before, the supplement was made from cow’s brain, but due to health concerns, PS supplements are now primarily made of soy.

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Safety Concerns on the Use of Phosphatidylserine

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Phosphatidylserine is naturally produced by the body, and it can be augmented by eating phosphatidylserine-rich foods like soy, cow brain, tuna, certain chicken parts, beef, veal, and more. However, phosphatidylserine is also used up by the body. For this reason, PS supplementation is necessary. Phosphatidylserine is safe for use, making it to the FDA GRAS list, which means the supplement is generally regarded as safe.

When it comes to the use of PS brain supplement, or as with any supplement for that matter, always start with a small dose, working your way up as you observe the effects of the supplement. Also, try to buy the best brand of phosphatidylserine, albeit more expensive, it is always better as compared to cheaper ones.

A few considerations on the use of PS memory supplement is that you should be cautious when you’re using blood thinning medications. For individuals with chronic disease, pregnant women, and breastfeeding moms, always consult a doctor before taking the supplement.

Phosphatidylserine Benefits

As a phospholipid compound, phosphatidylserine has significant benefits in the entire human body functions; however, it’s most valuable benefit is in the way of brain functions especially in the production of healthy brain cells.

Here are the most prevalent phosphatidylserine benefits:

  •    Boosts memory and cognition

  •    Improves sleep quantity and quality

  •    Promotes neuron health and cellular health

  •    Improves communication between brain cells

    This is because studies show that phosphatidylserine augments the production of synapses, the structure responsible for communications between brain cells.

  •    Improves symptoms of the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease

    Studies prove that PS supplement can contribute to the increase of brain chemicals responsible for memory plus the improved communication between brain cells. However, the supplement seems to work only in the symptoms of early onset Alzheimer’s and not on severe cases.

  •    Helps slow down cognitive decline among elderlies

  •    Improves mood and behavior and combats depression

  •    Alleviates symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

    Individuals with Parkinson’s disease are usually lacking brain cells for dopamine production. These brain cells are responsible for signaling the body in regards to movement. Therefore, a lack of these brain cells result to Parkinson’s. Since PS supplement promotes brain health,  the production of the earlier mentioned brain cells for dopamine production is increased.

  •    Helps treat the symptoms of ADHD

  •    Improves athletic performance and exercise

  •    Increases attention span

Phosphatidylserine Side Effects

Phosphatidylserine is actually an aminophospholipid that is found in the body, with its concentration in the brain. Since the sources of phosphatidylserine supplements are mostly plant-based, there are almost no side effects to speak of.  However, it’s an altogether different matter when you exceed the recommended dosage.

Some of the phosphatidylserine side effects felt when your intake exceeds the recommended dosage are:

  • Upset stomach

  • Insomnia

  • Gas buildup

  • Headaches

  • Trouble sleeping

Phosphatidylserine supplements are effective and safe to use. It can be combined with other natural supplements or nootropic stack as well. From memory boost, concentration, focus, and stress reduction, there are so many good things you can get from phosphatidylserine. 


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