Resveratrol Review – The Powerful Antioxidant 

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A Personal Encounter of Its Effectiveness

I’ve experienced slight heart problems since I was 22, ailments mostly occurring in people in their late 40s.  My parents tried a lot of medications and supplements, but my heart condition persisted. At times, I experienced complete seizures randomly. I’m now in my late 30s, and it feels like age is already catching up with me, with being tired most of the time, thinning hair, and so on.

A while ago, I happened across a commercial clip tagged ‘Resveratrol Supplement” with a voice over outlining the key benefits of the product. The clip explained that it falls under the umbrella of compounds known as polyphenols, which are compounds derived from special plant food sources that harbor antioxidant characteristics. Some of the food sources include tea, chocolates, wine, extra virgin olive oil, etc., which fight off heart complications, diabetes, and cancer risk factors.

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It sounded too good to be true, but at this point I was willing to try anything and thus began my quest on how to find this supplement to alleviate my health!

Jumping into The Fray

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Because there were seemingly no limiting factors to trying out this antioxidant, I decided to give it a go. I have been using a high quality resveratrol product for a little over three months now. My heart rate is back to normal and the seizures are much milder than before. When I went for my health check routine, my doctor said that things were looking better. He pointed out that the supplement may have reduced my inflation, lowered my level of bad cholesterol and that it was now more difficult for blood clots to form that could result in further heart complications. My blood pressure was closer to normal than ever before, and my cardiovascular system was slowly recovering, according to this report. 

Furthermore, I feel energized, vitalized and younger! Working or going for a run is no problem, in fact, I rather really enjoy it!

In conclusion, I recommend this supplement to anyone who wishes to postpone the symptoms of aging!

My Preferred Dosage

There were a few daily dosage recommendations on the label, but I went with 2000 mg (2 grams) per day for three months. I had to seek suggestions from my physician about the most comfortable daily dosage because he knew my medical history upfront. He warned me of certain medication like aspirin, warfarin, clopidogrel and ibuprofen that could spark harmful reactions and cause bleeding. I stuck by them religiously, as should anyone trying this supplement!

The Flip Side

I read the possible Resveratrol side effects before beginning the regimen. The label stated that there were no known substantiated side effects even if taken in large doses. However, in my first days of taking the supplement, I noted slight side effects like dizziness and general weakness, but all disappeared after I got attuned to it

I still implement some takeaways from my doctor to maintain my health including staying fit by doing cardiovascular exercises daily and keeping cholesterol-free diets. I still go for routine examinations to check my health progress. 

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Where To Get It?

There are many places you can get this supplement. For one, you can buy at health shops in your area or you can order it online. In my case, I purchased it from Absorb Your Health.

I have gone through several health shops and online distributors previously, and it wasn’t until I came across Absorb Your Health that I finally found an excellent resveratrol brand that I can truly rely on!

I like that Absorb Your Health offers a variety of sizes for their high quality  supplement for sale. The supplement’s prices are very reasonable, with some even cheaper than other online distributors. Their supplement is also guaranteed that they’re offering a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their products.

However, the thing I appreciate most about Absorb Your Health and why I consider them the best resveratrol supplement in the market today is the fact that they are very professional in dealing with orders. Purchases are always processed within 24 hours, so it arrives at my doorstep at about 3 days after. So far, this process has been true most of the time!

More About It

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Resveratrol is a polyphenol that occurs largely in the skin of red grapes. Other sources include berries and peanuts. It works as an antioxidant that protects these plants from various environmental stresses. 

Now, aging is a combination of different symptoms and in order to avoid aging, one simply have to ease these symptoms. Taking it is one way of doing this. It has several strengths and benefits but taking this alone will not stop you from aging.

Resveratrol was scientifically discovered in the 1940s and has been studied intensely since then. The presence of Resveratrol was established in red wine in the early 1990s and its benefits to the cardiovascular system have been since established. Red wine was found to be effective in reducing the occurrence of coronary heart diseases in the French population despite their preference for consuming foods rich in saturated fats; a phenomenon that came to be known as the ‘French Paradox’.

It is easily absorbed by the human body and has been manufactured as a supplement mostly recommended for controlling and easing of heart disease and neuro-degenerative diseases, both age-related afflictions. Although many studies have been made on Resveratrol, more research is needed in order to confirm most benefits and effects of this supplement.

How Does It Work?

Polyphenols are antioxidants that work by neutralizing free radicals in the body cells. Studies show that Resveratrol induces antioxidant enzymes, which scavenge on free radicals. These enzymes include thioredoxin, superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase, glutathione peroxidase-1 and heme oxygenase-1. Free radicals is believed to be one big cause of aging, which is why keeping these in check is essential to halt the degenerative process of aging.

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Resveratrol also acts by inhibiting the production of ROS – Reactive Oxygen Species by NADPH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate) oxidases.

Why Use It?

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It helps to lower cholesterol levels by preventing platelet aggregation and vessel narrowing. Cholesterol levels are harder to maintain at optimal levels as we age and becomes an increasingly critical factor as we get older.

According to, a small randomized cross-over study in the November 2011 issue of Cell Metabolism demonstrated that a 30-day course of 150 mg of resveratrol tremendously reduced arterial blood pressure, plasma glucose and insulin concentrations, mean systolic, tumor necrosis factor and plasma triglyceride concentrations. It therefore enhances overall longevity. 

It also inhibits insulin resistance in diabetics!

A study undertaken in the University of Southampton found that Resveratrol could be useful in treating female infertility. Resveratrol was used to treat endometriosis by neutralizing ROS in the female egg allowing them to mature.

Additionally, it also helps in preventing nerve cell damage and fighting the build-up of plaque responsible for the occurrence of diseases.

Though other studies have shown that it inhibits growth of cancerous cells, its activity on cancer cells is still not well studied in humans. The risk of cancer is increasing as we get older, which is why trying to prevent it is critical for overall longevity.

Recommended Dosage

Most oral supplements are found between 100-mg and 500-mg packs. Though the dosage levels have remained quite debatable in the scientific community, a low Resveratrol dose would be 100–500 mg a day while the alternative medium dose would entail a consumption of 500–1500 mg daily. A high dose of 2000 mg a day is considered more beneficial for those targeting treatment of multiple conditions. However, the dosage may vary, depending on where you get it, and you should always ask your doctor’s advice and recommended dosage before trying out any new supplements. Prolonged use of this supplement also presents more benefits to the body. 

Possible Side Effects

Studies have not shown any significant short or long term side effects of using Resveratrol in humans. However, due to lack of evidence on its safety during pregnancy or lactation, expectant and breastfeeding women are often advised to avoid using it. Always check with your doctor or health expert before trying out new supplements!

Resveratrol’s enzyme activity reduction in humans has not been studied. 

Like other supplements, it is not regulated by the FDA. 

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