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The name royal jelly alone relates to something grand that it would really rouse your curiosity. So what’s the rage that royal jelly has been causing?

Basically, royal jelly being something grand and prestigious could not be farther from the truth.  It is a milky substance that is produced by worker honeybees and used as the main source of food of the queen bee. While worker bees feed on honey, the royal jelly is only reserved for the queen of the colony, providing complete nourishment and superior development.

The composition of royal jelly is as follows: 60% water, 10% simple sugars, 12% proteins, and 3% fats. Aside from these, it also contains vitamins, minerals, lipids, and several types of amino acids. Commercially, royal jelly is sold as a health supplement and an alternative medicine on the premise that it will bring the same effects to humans as it did on the queen bee.

The benefits of royal jelly are extensive, from its antioxidant power to brain function boost to blood sugar control to osteoporosis. However, did you know that royal jelly is also nature’s best kept beauty secret for your skin?

 Skin’s Best Beauty Secret

You heard it right! Royal jelly is great for your skin that it’s dubbed as the best beauty secret out there right now. From makeups to moisturizers to skin healing, royal jelly is the natural fountain of youth for your skin! It can be applied topically or taken as a supplement, and its effectiveness in giving you a healthy, supple, and great-looking skin is beyond any beauty product you’ve tried!

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  • Royal jelly as a mask or lotion – unprocessed royal jelly is great as a facial mask or lotion. Its collagen property, which is a component of amino acids, helps make the skin firm and supple. Collagen also promotes tissue health.
  • Royal jelly slows down the effects of aging – as you age, the skin’s natural moisture is significantly diminished thus it becomes dry and prone to wrinkle. This is in part due to the reduced production of collagen. With the use of royal jelly, both as a supplement and a topical solution, the effects of aging can be retarded. Royal jelly is abundant in antioxidants and minerals and nutrients that boost the production of collagen and renews skin.
  • Royal jelly acts as a great sunscreen to prevent sunburn – vitamin D from the sun is essential for a healthy, glowing skin, but too much exposure to the sun can cause tissue damage. The components found in royal jelly foster tissue repair and regeneration thus producing new skin cells.
  • Royal jelly is helpful for wound healing – One of the key components of royal jelly is royalisin, it is an immune boosting protein. It is this component that will help heal wounds faster with its antibacterial properties.
  • Royal jelly to treat acne –Royal jelly has been found to balance hormones and decrease cholesterol, and it’s also an effective antibiotic that when taken in capsule form can significantly reduce acne outbreak. As a topical cream, it also effectively treats acne.
  • Royal jelly promotes great looking and healthy skin – studies conducted in Kyung Hee University in South Korea revealed that royal jelly regulates skin photoaging and promotes great looking and healthy skin in general.

 Where to Buy Royal Jelly

The next thing to do now is to find where to buy royal jelly. Well, royal jelly comes in many forms, and it’s just sold about anywhere, from your local health shop to online health shops and even bee keepers. Beyond the question of where to buy royal jelly, what you must keep in mind though is to find out what form of jelly they sell, where the supplier’s royal jelly comes from, and how is it processed. This way, you are assured that you get the most of its benefits.

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Although royal jelly comes from nature and is a natural product, it does not necessarily mean that it’s for everyone. There are reported cases of allergic reaction, causing inflammation and even to the extent of asphyxiation. If you are allergic to bee venom or you have an existing allergy or are asthmatic or even taking medications, the likelihood of being allergic to royal jelly is also high. As this is the case, make it a point to consult a physician before you use royal jelly.

Whether it’s taken internally or topically, royal jelly is one of the top beauty secrets of this day and age that you can use. In truth, if you want to unlock the science of beautiful and healthy skin, royal jelly is the answer!