Royal Jelly Review – Noticeable Rejuvenating Effects!

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My Experience

Two years ago, I stumbled upon royal jelly on the internet. It immediately caught my attention because something about anti-aging had been mentioned. Although I’m in my early fifties, my body had begun showing signs of winding down – could not go up a single flight of stairs without panting and be sweating profusely. I was on the verge of resigning to fate, having tried all manner of tricks ranging from medication, vitality supplements, to exercises. Then I found a “natural wonder drug”: Royal Jelly. I decided to give it a try and a friend asked me to write this review about my experience, so I did!

Click below to find out where I order it from, but I really recommend you to  keep reading for the full review.

Royal Jelly Capsules - 1000mg

My preferred dosage and methods of use

The recommended dosage is one 1000mg capsule per day. I usually take it in the morning, together with breakfast. You can up the dose to two capsules per day after the first week and see how you feel. The maximum recommended dose is three capsules per day.

What it did for me?

  • Boosting my immunity: The idea of royal jelly boosting the immune system may be too good to be true but, as far as I’m concerned, it is an indisputable fact. Before starting out on this supplement, I had faced many health challenges because my immune system was poor. All sorts of illnesses, such as common colds, had been a constant thorn in my flesh for some time. When I started using royal jelly, illness attacks went down as my health shot back to normal. Now, I no longer feel like a tired old man, which, for all intents and purposes, I should be.

    The worst of my health misfortunes was rheumatic arthritis. Doctors had informed me the ailment was an auto-immunity disorder that resulted from the body’s immune system turning on itself. I began feeling much better when I started using royal jelly. Although the arthritis has not quite gone away, the sting is considerably lower than before.


  • A natural antioxidant: I learnt that the oxidation of our body cells catalyzes the process of aging. It may

    not be practically possible to dodge oxidation since the many foods we eat contain numerous oxidants. To slow things down, I needed a supplement that contained enough anti-oxidants. Royal jelly fits the bill because it has a combination of proteins and amino acids that shield the cells from oxidation. To reap maximum benefits, I ensure that I take fresh or frozen portions of the supplement.

  • The feeling of vitality: I noticed a feeling of elation every time I took royal jelly. The feeling would gradually wear down with time. The supplement helps me, to some extent, to feel younger, invigorated and ready to pursue the goals in my life.

My Take

Although the medicinal effects of royal jelly are yet to be clearly documented, I’m a living testimony that the honey supplement can turn around your life. From boosting my immunity to improving my self-esteem, there can be no better way of slowing down the aging process.

Where To Get It?

I usually order it in capsule-form (1000 mg) from AbsorbYourHealth. Their products are of really high quality and their prices are pretty good as well.

There is a big misconception that the freeze-dried capsules don’t contain as many nutrients and enzymes as the fresh one, but recent studies show that this is not the case. It’s most likely due to better drying techniques. This is great news since the fresh product usually cost 5 times or more than the capsules. Another thing to always look out for is that the capsules you purchase only contain freeze-dried Royal Jelly in powder form.

What Is It Really?

You may have noticed that queen bees are bigger than their counterparts in the beehive. Being queens, they demand special attention that befits their royal status. When they are young, worker bees take the onerous responsibility of nurturing said queens by putting them on a special diet. The special diet turns out to be a milky secretion made by the worker honey bees containing 70% water, 3-6% fats, 2-3% vitamins, and 12-15% proteins. The secretion also contains limited amounts of salts and amino acids. This milky substance is referred to as royal jelly because it is instrumental in the nurture of future queen bees. Nevertheless, you can also use this supplement to achieve a ‘royal status’ condition of health. Although a well-studied natural supplement, many of its benefits are yet to be completely proven.

The Queen Bee is only fed Royal Jelly all her life and usually lives eight up to 10 times as long as a normal worker bee.
Did You Know?

Health Benefits

  • May educes wrinkles by improving collagen levels for better skin
  • Contains antioxidants, which are one of the body’s strongest weapons against aging
  • May aid in wound healing (heals acne, scars and cuts)
  • Boosts immune system and counters allergic reactions
  • Packed with vitamins, proteins and amino acids which are all essential components of the cells of the body
  • May help to treat Osteoporosis
  • May help treating male infertility


Many of the uses of royal jelly are yet to be established through scientific research and many of the benefits stated here are results of studies made in mice, why many of them should be taken with a bit of ease. However, this does not fully undermine the importance of the substance for humans. A study conducted in 2012 and published in Nutrition Journal, unearthed interesting findings which our female counterparts may find useful. According to the research, taking substances containing royal jelly can improve the quality of life for post-menopausal women. It has the effect of lulling the symptoms of menopause as well as inducing the feeling of vitality and well-being in women. This research also shows that couples who are experiencing fertility problems can rest easy as the substance may help them get children despite asthenozoospermia. Before using this supplement, make sure to ask your doctor or health care provider for advice!

Side Effects

  • May aggravate any skin-related complications such as dermatitis, eczema and any other skin inflammations.
  • May cause severe reactions in people suffering from asthma or any other allergies.
  • Can slow down your blood pressure, which can be fatal if you are suffering from low blood pressure.
  • Not clear how it affects expectant and breastfeeding mothers; should not use royal jelly so as to be on the safe side.
  • May result to respiratory depression due to the presence of grayanotoxin, a component of some honey-made diets.
  • Possibility of causing illnesses to humans as it may contain harmful micro-organisms such as Bacillus cereus.


If you wish to use royal jelly as medication, you will realize that it doesn’t have a fixed dosage prescription. Several factors will come into play when determining the dosage that is appropriate for you. Such factors include your health status, age and the existence of medical conditions. Being a natural product, it does not necessarily follow that it is safe. Always follow the prescribed dosage on the labels or seek professional help. Children may be allowed to take it orally up to a period of six months.

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