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It’s exam time and you’ve got all your subjects’ lessons lined up for review. You get ready for the exams, burning the midnight oil in the hopes of acing it. However, not even halfway through, you feel that you’re losing focus and can’t seem to retain anything inside your head. Add to it all the days’ activities, and your energy levels are also dwindling.

Now what do you do to improve memory and concentration?

There are certain supplements that improve memory when studying. These supplements for memory and concentration enhancement are proven to boost memory retention, improve content mastery, and increase focus and concentration.

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If you’ve already tried every method out there and you’ve reached the end of your rope, you might want to try these memory improvement supplements and get that ‘kick’ you need to ace the exams:

  • L-theanine – one of the best memory supplements in this list is L-theanine, an amino acid known to boost memory, while providing a calming effect. When used for studying, L-theanine targets neurotransmitters that are in-charge of cognitive functions to boost memory and the relaxed state promotes more focus and concentration.

Although L-theanine is an effective memory booster for students, it is also most often used in combination with caffeine. The stimulant properties of caffeine affects cognitive functions, and the role of L-theanine is to counteract the negative stimulant effects of caffeine. With this combination, the benefits of both caffeine and L-theanine as brain booster supplements are prolonged, so this means more study time without that mind fog feeling.  

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  • Oxiracetam – as a nootropics, oxiracetam is considered one of the best brain supplements for adults, perfect for the student trying to memorize his lessons. It targets the functions of the left brain, which include processing information, performing math calculations, logical thinking, word reading, etc. This in turn allows you to have a better grasp of logic-based thinking and performing mathematical calculations, especially useful when you’re trying to memorize all those dizzying formulas.

To boot, oxiracetam also contains some stimulant properties, so you are focused and alert, allowing you to better retain what you’re studying.

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  • Noopept – the best brain supplements each have different characteristics that make it an ideal memory booster, but Noopept is one of those nootropics that’s perfect for cram sessions. While some supplements take longer to take effect, Noopept is fast acting.

Absorbed via the gastrointestinal tract, Noopept easily crosses the blood-brain barrier, wherein you can begin feeling its effect in just a quarter of an hour. Noopept is a glutamate inhibitor. Glutamate is an important neurotransmitter that facilitates for active cognition function. If glutamate is preserved, a boost in memory and increased focus are experienced.

Studies have also shown that noopept is also an energy booster and takes away feelings of drowsiness. This is one of the good memory supplements for students because it enhances mood levels and reduces anxiety.

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids – this essential fatty acid is best found in fish and other sea foods. While omega-3 fatty acids abound with benefits, its benefit as a supplement that improves memory when studying stems from its brain boosting effects. While it is a staple to help prevent neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, studies have proven that it also boosts focus and concentration as well as acting as a mood enhancer among adults.
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Rhodiola rosea – another brain booster supplement you might want to consider is Rhodiola rosea. When you study, it’s normal to feel drowsy, sleepy, and tired. With Rhodiola rosea, you won’t experience this because the supplement reduces fatigue while also improving information retention.

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Precautionary Measure: Each of the above-mentioned supplements has specific recommended dosages you need to follow. An excess of anything is never good, and the same thing goes for these supplements that improve memory when studying. The dosage depends on the brand of supplement you’re using.

These supplements are fairly safe to use, but make sure you are not allergic to anything before using it. If possible, consulting your physician is an even better option before ingesting these supplements.

No single supplement works for all, so you can try to feel the effects of a particular supplement and see if it’s working. When you’ve found the perfect one that gives you a memory boost, make sure you use it to achieve your goals as a student!