natural nootropics to improve mood

Mood significantly affects overall well-being and can affect the course of your day or your week. Of course, it’s impossible to be in a jolly and good mood all of the time, but it’s important that you try to be in a good disposition as much as you can. Good mood results in more productivity, improved creativity, enhanced cognitive functions, and better health.

how to improve mood

When your mood is down and you don’t feel so good, it, usually, is due to a reaction to something that happened. Whatever that occurrence may be, there are some simple surefire ways to lighten up your dark mood:

  • Break your routine

    A routine keeps your day in check, allows you to accomplish tasks efficiently, and maximize your time, but when you’re not just in the mood, breaking it from time to time can do wonders. Eat out on a Monday night, take a weekend trip to the next town, or watch the sunset on a beach. The bottom line is, do something different, and it might just be the mood buster you need.

surefire ways to improve mood
  • Work out or take a walk

    It’s amazing what 20 minutes of workout or a casual stroll at the park can do to lift your mood. Exercise has been proven to do wonders as it increases endorphin and dopamine levels in the brain, chemicals that make you feel happier. Plus working out helps take out stress!

  • Get enough sleep and rest

    Ever had those days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? It’s most likely that you haven’t had enough sleep or you haven’t rested well enough. And you’re probably cranky, irritable, and quick to anger. There’s a reason for this as there is a close correlation between sleep and mood. This is why a sufficient and restful sleep is vital to well-being.

  • Try natural mood-lifting supplements

    Today, natural supplements have been growing in popularity to aid in the improvement of mood and behavior. Phosphatidylserine and L-theanine supplements are not just brain boosting, but studies show that it promotes a more positive mentality, relieves stress, and minimize anxiety levels. In fact, L-theanine, which is found in green tea leaves in abundance, is used to treat depression. A type of phospholipid, phosphatidylserine has shown to increase the production of neurotransmitters responsible for mood.

l theanine to boost mood
  • Be grateful and learn to appreciate the small things

    At the start of the day, think about what you are thankful for, whether it’s because the sun is up instead of raining or a new pair of shoes or meeting a friend for lunch, learn to be grateful! This is not just a random fact either, because this has been a subject of studies.

  • Do something you enjoy

    At times, read a good book, eat delicious food, go to the beach, or watch your favorite TV series – whatever it is that you love doing, then do it!  It may seem like unappealing at first especially if you’re down, but it does get better!

In today’s age of social networking, there are downsides to the use of social media that can significantly affect mood. Social media use affects sleep patterns, causes psychological distress, and sets you up for unrealistic expectations. If left unchecked, all these downsides can eventually lead to anxiety and depression. It’s easy to get affected by what you see on social media. That’s why it’s best to limit browsing time on your SNS!

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Not every day is your best day, and you should keep that in mind. When something wrong happens, do not be too hard on yourself as this fosters negative thoughts. Negative thoughts dampen your mood. This could often lead to stress and depression.  Don’t let this happen, you are in control of your emotions and well-being, follow the steps above for starters!