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Top 5 Nootropics To Boost Your Focus

Many people across the globe experience trouble in enhancing their concentration and focus. They struggle in maintaining attention on their tasks, they feel sleepy, anxious, stressed up and are trapped by distractions.

Nootropics are popular solutions to such problems. Most innovators at California’s technology hub Silicon Valley have been known to use them to achieve their dreams in start-ups. Across the world, business executives use them to climb the corporate ladder.

These supplements keep you alert for long periods of time besides giving you greater body and mental energy that will keep you motivated.
I will focus on five nootropics that will definitely help you reach your targets through sustained focus and concentration.

Phenylpiracetam (Phenotropil) – Boosts Motivation, Endurance and Self esteem

It is one of the best and belongs to the Racetam category. Its molecular structure is similar to that of Piracetam only that a Phenyl group of molecules has been added to Piracetam. This allows it to pass through the barriers of blood to the brain with much ease.

It boosts the stimulation of the Central Nervous System, making you more alert and boosting your mood, creating a feeling of ecstasy and keeping exhaustion away from you. This gives you a strong feeling of confidence and self-esteem.

Taking this nootropic will give you intense focus leading to a desire to get things done. This supplement is recommended if you are exercising to keep up with long hours and several work outs. It increases your endurance ability. It also boosts your ability to focus on a wide range of exerting activities.

Noopept – Boosts Memory and Mental State

Noopept does well at boosting cognitive performance, allowing you to remember things easily and understand ideas better. This nootropic will give you a better critical thinking ability, great attention time and enhance the speed with which you recall events and past experiences.

If you are living a stressful life I recommend this supplement because it deals with your stress and anxiety. If your job is too much to the extent of daily worn-outs, Noopept will cut back on the pressure and alleviate the problem to a manageable extent. If a situation comes with lots of in anxiety, this supplement will do a great job in curbing it.

There is one thing unique about Noopept. Being a neuroprotectant, it will protect the neurons in your brain against damage, helping you to achieve a super mental state

Bacopa Monnieri – Boosts Mental Energy and Concentration

This is a supplement whose uniqueness lies in being an all-natural supplement, made from tropical plants that grow in wet areas. It is for users who prefer herbal supplements to chemical ones. This drug is best known for increasing the impact of dozens of neurotransmitters in your brain and maintaining the electrical conductivity of your brain cells. Your neurons achieve excellent communication, boosting your motivation and energy in a natural way.

You will experience longer span of concentration and a sustained mental energy. Bacopa Monnieri will also deal with your anxiety pretty well.

Pramiracetam – Boosts Mental Energy and Alertness

I find this wonderful drug because of its high capacity to increase the flow of blood to your brain.

Good blood flow comes with great oxygen uptake and better glucose metabolism for an increased mental energy and alertness.

When I first used this nootropic I experienced a longer attention span besides increased focus and cognition.

Pramiracetam is the drug students going for an exam should take since it boosts the capacity to comprehend.
Doctors all over use it to treat cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and ADH.

Adrafinil – Boosts focus and fights against unwanted sleep

This nootropic was known as Olmifon till 2011.

Sometimes you may feel so exhausted that you become heavy eyed and bleary with sleep knocking at your door incessantly. Other times you may feel sleepy after taking a heavy meal even when you have much work to do. Adrafinil is all you need for an alert brain.

If you get sleepy too fast or want to avoid sleep to complete some tasks whose deadlines are fast approaching, then this is the supplement for you. It will be effective in helping you in the fight against unwanted sleep. It brings you back to focus, giving you renewed energy to accomplish all the tasks you have at hand. Any of these five supplements is effective in giving you the focus and concentration you are looking for.

Trying out different nootropics is the only sure way to know what exactly works well with your body. You can experiment with several different racetams to settle down on a nootropic that is tailored to your body.

tom wells

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