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The Effective Energy Enhancing Supplement and Natural Testosterone Booster

Ever since I’ve entered into my 40s, I practically experimented with all kinds of natural supplements to increase my strength and sustain energy both in and out of bed. I’m particularly keen on doing something about the latter since I’ve noticed that the wife was none too happy about it. So I tried alternative methods, some supplements, and other stuff.

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Thankfully, my gym buddy suggested that I use tongkat ali extract to help with my predicament. I did try it and so far, it really worked for me! As a matter of fact, not only am I able to do so many more stuff during the day, but I have more energy to devote for my wife and make her happy in bed!

How about you? Are you still looking for that natural energy enhancing and testosterone boosting supplement? Check out this review if you want to find out whether tongkat ali is for you. If you’re interested where to order its extract, click the link below!

My Personal Experience

It’s a good thing that when my gym buddy suggested I try tongkat ali, he also told me where I could buy one that’s high quality and potent to experience its maximum efficacy. He suggested that I get my 100:1 tongkat ali extract at Lost Empire Herbs. Although the price of their product is slightly expensive than most of the online suppliers I’ve seen, I’m very satisfied with the results I’ve been experiencing since I have taken it.

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Not all tongkat ali are created equal. In fact, the efficacy of a supplement usually depends on its quality and potency. When considering where to buy tongkat ali root extract, make sure to find a reliable supplier or else, nothing will happen.

Enhancing Sexual Performance and Boosting Energy

Since tongkat ali worked for my gym buddy, I was also excited to get started on my tongkat ali dosage. From the time I’ve entered my 40s, there were obvious changes that I noticed. Aside from a general lack of energy, I felt that I was retaining more body fat despite religiously exercising. Worst of all, I usually tire in bed or sometimes, I’m not interested at all.

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Since the tongkat ali extract I bought from Lost Empire Herbs included a 100-mg spoon, I used it to take the recommended 100mg 2x a day dosage. I also followed the recommended cycle of 5 days’ use and 2 days’ rest.  My gym buddy has a different dosage, though. You can actually experiment on the dosage that works best for you.

At first I thought the extract wasn’t working for me, but after more than two weeks of use, the first thing I noticed was that I had more energy than usual – I clock in my usual hours at the office, run errands after, and still manage to prepare dinner with my wife and have some quality time with her on top of that!

Where To Get It?

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If you’re wondering where to buy tongkat ali, also known as longjack or Malaysian ginseng, there are actually many sources online. However, finding a reliable supplier is another story altogether. I order this root extract at Lost Empire Herbs. They have the best supplement in my opinion, with the 100:1 water soluble tongkat ali extract. What I appreciate most about Lost Empire Herbs is that they provide prompt delivery of their products. If there are no unprecedented delays, you can receive orders in 3 days to 1 week, depending also on your location. Although I’m paying a slightly higher price for my longjack, I can rest assure that I’m using the pure supplement without any additives or toxins mixed in. The quality of Lost Empire Herbs’ tongkat ali extract is so much better than other online stores.

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An Introduction

Eurycoma longifolia or better known as tongkat ali comes by many names. It is also known as longjack, Malaysian ginseng, Ali’s walking stick, local ginseng, batang pasak bumi and more. Vastly found in the rain forests of Malaysia, tongkat ali is popular in the country for its aphrodisiac benefits. Aside from this, it has been used in traditional medicine for numerous benefits.

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In the West, it garnered popularity as an effective testosterone booster and best muscle builder especially for aging men. Several parts of long jack can be useful in treating different kinds of age-related sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, infertility, and decrease in sexual interest. It is also equally effective as a muscle building supplement for men over 50, improving physical performance, and lessening body fat.

Additional Benefits

The benefits are both tested on mice and humans to prove its efficacy in various conditions. Aside from being one of the best supplements that build muscle fast and its effective aphrodisiac benefits, tongkat ali is beneficial for the following:

  • Increase testosterone levels in men – there are many testosterone booster supplements but the boost that tongkat ali provides is not only limited to increasing testosterone levels, but it also helps in the effective use of the said hormone in the body.

  • Boost sexual performance and libido

  • Increase sperm count and quality

  • Effective mood enhancer and overall wellbeing

  • Increase muscle mass with reduced fat loss

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Eurycoma longifolia is also seen to aid in the improvement of the following conditions. However, more extensive studies to substantiate these claims are required.

  • High blood pressure

  • Ulcer

  • Malaria

  • Diarrhea

  • Syphilis

  • Cancer

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What Does The Research Say?

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Various research and studies have been conducted on tongkat ali extract to support claims of its benefits. In a 2012 study, a study was conducted on 76 men of which 35% had normal testosterone levels. The men were subjected to a month of tongkat ali supplement, and after the trial period, it was tested that 90% of the 76 men now had normal testosterone levels.

In another study, its benefit in improved sperm quality was observed. This happened when 75 men ingested tongkat ali extract for several months. After the initial study, it was found that the men showed increased sperm quality.

Possible Side Effects

Despite the efficacy of this extract, there are some tongkat ali side effects that you need to be aware of. It may vary from individual to individual, but just the same, it’s important to take note of these.

  • Insomnia
  • Headache
  • Restlessness
  • Agitation
  • Increased body temperature

In most instances, these side effects usually occur when you have taken a very strong concentration of the long jack extract or you have not cycled the extract. If in case, you have reduced your dosage, and the side effects persist, have yourself checked by a doctor.

Quality For Maximum Effectiveness

The quality and potency of your Malaysian ginseng extract will affect the supplement’s effectiveness. Here are a few things you should keep in mind in choosing what and where to buy Malaysian ginseng extract:

  • Type of extract to buy – always go for the best Malaysian ginseng supplement by buying the extract form in 50:1, 100:1, or 200:1 strength. Beyond this, there is no guarantee that the extract is pure. The most recommended is the 100:1 as it is effective, but not as strong to illicit adverse tongkat ali side effects.
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  • Where to buy longjack extract – online suppliers are the easiest way to buy tongkat ali extract. Caution should be observed, though. Check where they source their long jack and the concentration, verify reviews of their products, and examine the truthfulness of their claims.


Although it was earlier mentioned that the ideal Malaysian ginseng dosage will depend on your preference, there is a recommended dosage to taking it and you need to cycle it. If you have any existing medical conditions, it is best to consult your doctor before taking it. You can experiment on the dosage that works best for you, but remember to cycle it. This is done so that so your body does not become tolerant to the tongkat ali extract.

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Also note that there are longjack extracts that are specifically designed for men and for women. The concentration I mentioned in this review is suited for men. But if you want to know where to buy Malaysian ginseng extract ideally for women, you can also inquire at Lost Empire Herbs.

The best tongkat ali extract will significantly impact your physical performance and improve a number of sexual disorders that come with aging. Just make sure that you find the right supplier, the effective concentration, and the right dosage that works for you! 

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