Fat Burning Foods


Does eating food that literally helps to burn fat off your body sound good to you? Well this is exactly what you can do by making the following delicious but healthy foods a part of your diet. The following 10 foods all do different things that promote weight loss from boosting your metabolism to using lots of energy just by eating them.

Raw skinless chicken breast fillets

Raw skinless chicken breast fillets

Fat burning foods to make up a nutritious meal

1. Chicken – Lean meat like chicken and turkey are absolutely delicious and have so much good stuff in them too. They are filled with protein, which means that they will fill you up and you actually burn up to 30% of the calories in a chicken or turkey breast just by eating it.

2. Brown rice – Stuck with ideas of what you can eat with your chicken for optimum health benefits? Whole grains (like brown rice) are amazing fat-burning foods and they keep you satisfied longer.


Spice it up to boost your metabolism

3. Hot peppers – If you are fond of some spice in your life then this one is for you. In addition to boosting up your metabolism, peppers and chilis heat up your body, which means that you will burn extra calories even after you have finished eating them. If you don’t like peppers on their own, be inventive and add them to dishes that you like to make it more interesting.

Fruits and vegetables that are fat burning.

4. Spinach – Spinach is one of the best green vegetables that you can eat on a regular basis because, in addition to being full of antioxidants to boost your immune system, spinach has hardly any calories so you burn more just by eating it!

5. Bananas – You always hear how important eating fruit is, and bananas definitely give you the vitamins that you need and help you lose weight by burning fat. It boosts your metabolism and has a positive effect on fat levels in the body – therefore, helping you get the body that you want over time.

Bowl with yoghurt

Bowl with yoghurt

Sweet treats that burn fat

6. Peanut butter – Lots of people love peanut butter but think it’s really unhealthy because of the high amount of calories in it. Peanut butter does have quite a few calories but when eaten in moderation, it is an amazing fat-burning food. It is full of protein so it is great to eat after or before a workout to give you a boost, it helps to build muscle and boost your metabolism – which in the long term will give you a slimmer and leaner look.

7. Cinnamon – A sprinkle or two of cinnamon in your hot drink of choice or even over the top of a sliced banana is really good for you. This spicy-sweet treat helps blood sugar get into your cells used as energy, which means not as much fat is stored.

8. Yoghurt – If you want to reduce the amount of fat that your body absorbs, then snacking on yoghurts can definitely help the case. You don’t even have to opt for the low-fat kind because all yoghurts have probiotics in them that are good for your body inside and out.


The final countdown

9. Oily fish – Fish like tuna, salmon and sardines have lots of fat-burning qualities, and of course, it helps that they are delicious too. They actually alter a hormone in your body called “leptin”. This is something that affects your metabolism and also decides whether you burn calories or store them as fat. You, of course, want the latter to be the case if you want to lose weight and this is what eating oily fish does for you.

10. Eggs – The final food on this fat-burning list and one from the dairy category again is eggs. It is low in calories and full of protein, which means that it fills you up, raises your metabolism and helps burn fat, so get rid of that cereal and instead opt for a boiled egg or two for breakfast.


By changing your eating habits just a little bit and incorporating these foods into your lifestyle, you can drastically reduce the number on the scales and the size of your waistline. This will guarantee a healthier and happier you, best of all – you won’t go hungry!

tom wells

Co-Founder of Slowfoodnation. Nutrition expert. Ph.D in Food Science and Nutrition.

Tom Wells is the co-founder and main editor for Slowfoodnation. Initially he was actually in the business of computer science, working with websites. But he realized that this alone didn’t exactly fulfill me. So he decided to combine his knowledge in web development with a PhD in a more organic field. He’s an entrepreneur, food-lover and a gym-freak, always on the move.