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In men, testosterone is a vital hormone that affects several key aspects of the proper development of a male’s body. Maintaining testosterone at a normal level is important because it regulates bone and muscle mass, produces red blood cells, develops muscle strength, sustains sex drive, etc. However, as men age, their testosterone levels decrease each year, which usually happens when men reach the age of 30.

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A decrease in the production of testosterone often has noticeable effects in both physical and emotional aspects.  Changes in sleep patterns, going through bouts of depression and anxiety, increased body fat and decreased muscle mass, and erectile dysfunction are just some of its effects.

To prevent your testosterone level from spiraling down, you don’t have to take supplements immediately. Rather, you can go for natural testosterone boosters in the form of superfoods. Yes, there are a lot of superfoods to boost testosterone levels, and these have been proved to have significant benefits based on clinical studies and researches. Before you invest in synthetic supplements, take time to check out these superfood hacks for a healthier body and a more robust sex drive!

Pomegranate – it has long been considered as one of the best superfoods but it wasn’t until recently that it was discovered that pomegranates also boost testosterone naturally.

Recent research suggests that taking pomegranate daily increases testosterone levels. To boot, pomegranate improves sperm quality due to the natural production of antioxidants, which in turns protects fatty acids found in sperm from oxidation. Improved moods are also seen as a result of pomegranate intake.

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Pomegranate juices or shakes are potent testosterone-boosting supplements. Alternatively, there are several delicious recipes with pomegranate as the main ingredient.

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Pumpkin seeds – one of the best testosterone boosters, pumpkin seeds are abundant in zinc, tryptophan, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. The zinc in this superfood increases testosterone levels, which means your body is healthier including your sex organs. The tryptophan is an amino acid that makes protein, which can increase muscle mass and strength. The omega-3 fatty acid in pumpkin seeds promotes a healthier heart, giving you more endurance.

Pumpkin seeds are most effective as a testosterone booster when it is added to your power shakes or even incorporated in your soup or salad.

Bee pollen – included in the superfoods that boost testosterone levels, bee pollen has an abundance of zinc, antioxidants, and flavonoids. The antioxidant component helps significantly increase levels of testosterone, while the flavonoids are responsible for the quicker absorption of antioxidants in your body.

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Bee pollen has also been shown to regulate other symptoms of low testosterone levels. For example, it treats sleep apnea and depression commonly experienced by men who have low testosterone. Maintaining energy levels all throughout the day is another example of bee pollen’s benefits.

Like most testosterone-boosting foods, bee pollen can be consumed as part of your protein shakes and smoothies or if you’re too lazy to do that, it can be sprinkled as a garnish on your soup, oatmeal, or cereals.

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Chia seeds – chia seeds seem to be everywhere these days. Its contribution as one of the best natural testosterone booster foods is numerous. Chia seeds has an abundance of antioxidants, protein, amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, iron, etc. Due to its rich vitamin content, it is a potent solution to low testosterone levels.

Chia seeds is relatively easy to prepare as part of your testosterone boost diet. From power shakes to puddings to protein bars, you can just about add chia seeds to anything.

Wheat bran – only a few know of the power that wheat bran contains to increase testosterone levels. It is proven through a study conducted in Turkey that the concentrated magnesium found in wheat bran is ideal for increasing testosterone levels. The study further observed that if coupled with high intensity exercise, testosterone levels further increase.

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Wheat bran is perfect in baked goodies or it can be added to your power bars. Either way, get that dose of magnesium every day for a testosterone boost.

The foods listed above are just some of the many superfoods you need to incorporate in your diet – guys, these are the essential 5 high testosterone foods you should be eating now to increase those testosterone levels!