Vitamin C Serum Review – The Wrinkle Minimizer

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My Personal Experience

In a few months’ time, I’m going to be 30. Although they say that age is just a number, what I fear most about approaching 30 is my skin especially my face. I religiously follow a facial regimen, but there really are noticeable changes. To my horror, I’ve noticed that my facial pores seem to be larger plus I have a bit of an uneven skin tone. Sometimes, if I forget to put on my moisturizer, my face feels like it’s very dry. 

I do use several healthy creams to help me stay on top of my game. After a while of using all these creams, some whose names I cannot even pronounce, I just kind of bumped into the much-talked-about vitamin C serum, which everyone around me (except, of course, myself) had heard of.

I am now using the most recommended vitamin C serum for skin in liquid form for almost 9 months!

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My Regimen

I’ve used several creams in the past until I came across vitamin C serum. For quite some time, I transferred from one product to another because I was looking for something that wasn’t too acidic but not overly basic as well. I also frequented local cosmetic stores to look for organic products. The first few ones I got, I used for three months, applying it twice or thrice a day after I take a shower.

The results were a bit disappointing, and it wasn’t until a friend advised me to check out Absorb Your Health that I found the right product for the skin.

Going Through Changes

Patience is not exactly one of my stronger attributes, so I started out expecting changes within the first couple of weeks. I didn’t notice anything then, but the third week brought out some exciting news – the little shadows under my eyes started edging away but the transition was barely discernible. After a month, I didn’t need to squint at the mirror to notice that changes – big changes – were manifesting themselves on my face. My skin tone was getting a little more even, my pores got smaller, and strong evidence indicates that things were getting better all around.

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By the sixth month, all the blemishes were gone. My skin felt soft and looked healthy. I also noticed that the tell-tale signs of peeling/dead skin tissues had been eradicated, and I can only attribute these changes to the vitamin C serum I was using.

I have been tinkering with skin creams for years, and I can confidently say that that vitamin C serum is definitely one of the more dependable serums on the market today.

Where to Order It From?

I’ve used several serums in the past, but it wasn’t until I found Absorb Your Health’s high-quality vitamin C serum with vitamins E and ferulic acid that I really started seeing some results. The 20% product and ferulic acid are very powerful when combined together.

Absorb Your Health has high-quality vitamin C serums for sale, and they also sell a wide variety of other health and fitness products. This, I’ve actually proven and tested with constant use. Plus, their product is guaranteed 100% natural and 72% organic.

When it comes to their service, I couldn’t ask for more. I’ve been ordering from them for several months already, but not once have I ever experienced a delay in shipping. They handle orders the same day, ship out the items immediately, so it arrives on your doorstep on time. They also do free shipping and a money-back guarantee. I’ve compared prices with other online stores, and Absorb Your Health’s price is much more affordable.

All You Need to Know About This Supplement

where to buy the best vitamin c serum

There are a lot of folks out there who would be really interested in getting a great skin by consistently using products that have been proven in terms of efficacy. However, when it comes to this supplement, you have what you need to keep your skin and general appearance in great condition. This vitamin is a component of many foods and is sold as a supplement in many online stores as well as local health shops. Some sources of vitamin C include pepper, orange, cabbage, tomato, potato, broccoli, and cauliflower. Generally, the total body component of this substance ranges between 300 mg and 2 g.

However, if you want to skip the part where you need to consume all these vitamin C-rich foods, you use vitamin C serum instead. So the golden question is: where to buy the best vitamin C serum?

What Is It Really?

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Vitamin C serum is an extract from the sources of the said vitamin and occurs mostly in liquid form. The range of ingredients in the serum may vary from one seller to the next. For example, the vitamin C serum I’m using from Absorb Your Health includes organic herbal infusion, aloe, witch hazel, vitamin C, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and more.

There are some DIY serums available, but it is important that you buy a serum made by professional skin care experts and has a clear label of the ingredients used. Take note also of the chemical additives added to the serum. As much as possible, go for the most recommended vitamin C serum for the face that’s as close to natural as you can get.

Does It Work?

The ingredients in vitamin C serum work in unison to provide several benefits to the face and the skin in general.

Ascorbic acid within the serum binds with the cells of the skin in order to neutralize the effect of free-floating radicals that affect the body, causing wrinkles, premature aging and blemishes. This is achieved by antioxidants present in the serum.

Vitamin C serums are also a potent source of ascorbate. Ascorbate is an important compound used in the manufacture of collagen. The role of collagen is to give the human skin its supple and flexible nature. Without the likes of collagen, your skin would simply peel off or collapse altogether, leaving it with no definite structure or any sense of flexibility.

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Collagen is also involved in the scraping of dead skin tissues and has a hand in the process of regeneration or skin tissue rejuvenation.

Health Benefits

  • Its capacity to fight radicals keeps you protected from carcinogenic compounds.

  • Natural bleaching agent that lightens up the skin and gets rid of bags under the eyes and spots on the body.

  • Helps in skin tissue regeneration, particularly at the epidermis and dermis levels.

How To Apply It

  • Use a bit of water and a towel to dampen your skin.

  • Start the application process, focusing on the sensitive areas such as the face and the neck.

  • Let the serum dry on the face.

  • You could also add a moisturizer after your face dries. If possible, go with moisturizers that have sunscreen in them.

Which Is The Best Product?

Do not start off with a serum that is too acidic, as this may cause irritation on the skin. Instead, start with something mild and work your way up. Make sure your product of choice has between 15 and 20% of ascorbic acid. For the vitamin C serum with just the right acidity, Absorb Your Health has the excellent serum.

Side Effects

Studies indicate that the effects of the serum are almost always mild, and they involve slight irritation immediately after use. However, it is strongly advised that you stay off the more acidic types if you are just starting out.

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