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Where to Buy Excellent Organic Bee Pollen

In 2014, when Victoria Beckham tweeted that she’s totally obsessed with bee pollen, the rising popularity of this superfood from nature has exploded.

Of course, I’ve heard all the buzz about bee pollen, so I wanted to try it too. I’ve taken a lot of nutritional supplements in the past, some worked, while others were simply all hype. I did some research, checked various online distributors on where to buy bee pollen and found a reliable one in Mountain Rose Herbs.

With all the rage going on about how bee pollens are nature’s superfoods, you are here because you’re looking for information on where to buy excellent organic bee pollen. A trusted supplier of bee pollen supplements that does not give you a run for your money.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I get my supplements at Mountain Rose Herbs. I use the capsule variety, and so far their product hasn’t disappointed. Their bee pollen is made with organic ingredients with the highest quality. They follow good manufacturing standards as well.

When it comes to shipping, which can be quite a problem in online distributors, Mountain Rose Herbs has consistently delivered as well.  When I order, it usually takes about a couple of days for it to arrive. This varies depending on location too. All in all, I am one satisfied customer.

Aside from online distributors, other sources on where to get bee pollen include health food shops, supermarket aisles, or through a beekeeper.

Reminders in Finding a Supplier

As health supplements are not reviewed or approved by the FDA, it is vital to find a reliable source. Some suppliers pass off low quality bee pollen supplements as high quality and can be quite harmful to your health. 

Do your research, verify that the supplier follows standard manufacturing practices and as much as possible, only uses superior organic ingredients. Also, take note where the bee pollen for sale comes from as this is a good indicator of its quality.

Bee Pollen: The Superfood

Bee pollen has had a long history as a super food. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks have recorded the numerous nutritional benefits that bee pollen provides. Even prominent ancient healers as Pythagoras and Hippocrates have recommended bee pollens to their patients. Cavemen drawings illustrate bees as part of curing sickness.

Today, bee pollen has taken on many different forms, but its efficacy remains the same. This super food from nature has almost all the nutrients needed by the human body.

From protein, calcium, antioxidants, carbohydrates to iron, you name it, bee pollens have it. For this very reason, bee pollens are considered among the best nutritional supplements that could also help cure some health conditions.

Benefits of Bee Pollen

  • Great for weight loss – bee pollen is a good dietary supplement because of properties such as lecithin. It also increases the body’s metabolism.
  • A good antioxidant – recent studies have shown that bee pollens contain enzymatic hydrolysates that are good antioxidants and beneficial for patients with diabetes, cancer, etc.
  • Enhances the immune system – with antimicrobial and antiviral properties, bee pollens provide a boost to the immune system.
  • Aids in healing – bee pollen contains properties great for the quick healing of wounds and even for burns.

There are tons of other benefits that bee pollens provide. As to Victoria Beckham’s obsession with bee pollens, this super food contains so many vitamins and minerals that it naturally keeps the human skin moisturized, glowing, and young looking and is thought to minimize wrinkle appearance.

Is Bee Pollen Safe?

No doctor’s prescription is necessary for bee pollen supplement intake. However, certain precautionary measures should be taken.

For one, you should shy away from this supplement if you’re allergic to bee pollen. Allergies can range from mild rashes to life-threatening ones such as shortness of breath and swelling.

Also, pregnant and breastfeeding women must not take these supplements. If you’re under medication, especially if you’re taking blood thinners, avoid these supplements. If you’re taking any other medication, you must always consult your physician.

Bee pollen supplements is definitely worth the try if you want almost all the vitamins and minerals needed by your body. It’s essential to consult a physician before anything else. Best of all, everything should be taken in moderation!