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Where to Buy High Grade Ginseng Capsules at an Affordable Price

Growing up, I used to have a Chinese neighbor who at an old age, early 80s or so, still led an active lifestyle. He walked to exercise, he did some form of martial arts, and he was even a volunteer for a charity program during the weekends.

It turned out, I wasn’t the only one curious about what fueled the old man, and my dad couldn’t hold his curiosity and eventually asked our neighbor. The old man gladly pointed out the ginseng pills on his table top.

So my dad and I were like, ‘where can I buy ginseng?’!

Where Do You Buy Ginseng

If you’re wondering where to buy ginseng, there are actually several reliable resources. As for me, I get my supplies at Absorb Your Health.

The ginseng at Absorb Your Health is of the Korean variety, one of the true Oriental variants. It uses a 10:1 ratio extract, considered as one of the most potent in the industry. It is not only energy boosting, but it also promotes sexual health.

Aside from their excellent ginseng product, shipping is fast. Usually, it takes about 2 days or so. This also depends on where you live, but their service has always been satisfactory. By far, they’re the best brand I’ve tried so far.

Herbal stores are usually the most common place where you can find different preparations of ginseng – fresh roots, tea, capsules and pills or ginseng seeds for sale. Grocery stores almost always have some ginseng for soup available. However, the most convenient way to buy ginseng is through online distributors.

Considerations When Buying Ginseng

Ginseng prices vary according to the type of preparation, the kind, and quality. It could range from several dollars or it could skyrocket up to a thousand dollars all depending on the previously mentioned factors. Siberian ginseng, for example, is a lot less expensive than Oriental ginseng.

If you opt to buy through online distributors, make sure that you have read customer reviews and feedback regarding their products. If buying from herbal stores, choose one that comes most highly recommended by people you know.

What You Need to Know About Ginseng

Ginseng is a slow-growing herb characterized by fleshy roots of the family Araliaceae of the genus Panax. This herb grows in North America and in some Asian countries predominantly China and Korea. Ginseng is an important component of Chinese traditional medicine and Korean as well. It is known to have a number of health benefits and is generally good for overall health.

Various Types of Ginseng

There are many varieties of ginseng, but the most popular ones include:

  • Oriental ginseng – identified as Panax, Oriental ginseng has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It helps fight stress and fatigue and is also a metabolic regulator.
  • American ginseng – originally used by the Native Americans, American ginseng helps in the overall well-being and fights fatigue.
  • Siberian ginseng – has woody roots and contains eleutherosides instead of the ginsenoside found in the first two. This variety provides an energy boost and physical endurance.

Different Preparations of Ginseng

Ginseng is prepared in many different kinds of forms, and these include:

  • Ginseng roots – several herbal stores display whole ginseng roots. Usually, these roots are just chewed or steeped in water and taken orally. The advantage of this is that you are guaranteed that the ginseng is really the real thing.
  • Ginseng tea – the beauty of making tea out of ginseng is that it can also be mixed with other herbs to fortify its beneficial effects. Chinese traditional medicine uses this kind of preparation as it is most efficacious.
  • Powdered ginseng – this preparation can be in the form of ginseng pills or capsules. The powdered form is considered the most convenient and easiest to digest. Plus, in powdered form, ginseng can also be mixed with other herbal powders to address a variety of health concerns.

Health Benefits of Ginseng

There are numerous benefits to ginseng, but let me tell you a bit about how it made a difference in my life. Okay, so I grew up, worked two part-time jobs, went home to eat and sleep, and I felt like I was forever tired and lethargic. On top of that, I was slowly becoming depressed, I couldn’t concentrate, and I was forever distracted that I couldn’t accomplish even the simplest of work.

And then I suddenly remembered our old neighbor who put to shame other people half his age because he was still very active. And so I got down to find some ginseng for sale and bought some. It took about a week of taking the ginseng pills to feel the changes.

The most noticeable change I felt was the boost of energy I had each day, no fatigue, lethargy or that feeling of being weak. I also noticed that I was able to focus and concentrate easily now. I also had a lot more endurance and can go a few extra kilometers when I jog in the morning.

I feel like a totally new person, energized and ready to take on the world!

Ginseng poses many health advantages and benefits backed by numerous researches and studies. And the Chinese traditional medicine recognizes the value of ginseng and have been using it for thousands of years. If taken at the right dosage without abuse, very minimal and manageable side effects are experienced. Indeed, ginseng can give you that boost to enjoy life to the fullest!